Drama at NovaCare, Fans Come Out the Loser

We all know now that Sheldon Brown has requested to be traded, because he is unhappy with his contract and feels he is under paid. This is becoming a bad trend with the Eagles with players coming out unhappy about their contract situation. The main problem with this is who ends up suffering the most. It’s the fans.

Sheldon Brown signed a six-year extension in 2004 worth $30 million. At that time, Brown’s agent, Jason Chayut stated, "We didn't need to do this now, but this deal was too attractive and too important not to get it done, They made him a multimillionaire, taking all the risk out of injury. He's set for life."

Apparently that’s not enough anymore. Brown not only wants more money, he also said that this is not the first time this has happened with the Eagles players, and it won’t be the last. He is right. But the players aren’t suffering. The team isn’t suffering.

First off, these players are already rich to begin with. They are rich for playing a sport that any of us fans would love to play for a living. I understand that sports are immensely popular, I’m not saying that athletes don’t deserve to make a lot of money, it is just hard for me to listen to these players complain about making millions, and needing to support their families.

On top of that, you have the Eagles brass, who is about an annoying and arrogant as they come. Just for them to come out and comment on anything anymore annoys me, because no matter which one it is (Banner, Lurie, or Reid), it is always going to come off as cocky, and as if the player’s are meaningless pieces to them who mean nothing. Even if Sheldon Brown is in the wrong in this situation, the Eagles brass actually needs to act like they value their employee in any statement they make.

All of this started with Terrell Owens, and it’s a disturbing trend that as Sheldon Brown said, probably won’t stop anytime soon. And to us fans, it’s just flat out annoying. It’s a Soap Opera, and we are on the losing end of it. The same situation will happen every time. The Eagles will act all high and mighty because they will refuse to pay more money to the player. So they are on the winning side. The player, just like TO did, will just go to another team and get paid. And even if they don’t, they are already making freakin’ millions of dollars. So they are on the winning side. Who loses? The fans. Not only do we have to listen to all the drama of the player vs. the Eagles, but the Eagles as a team end up suffering on the field, which affects the fans. The TO saga ruined a season. TO might not care about though, the Eagles might not care about that, but we do!


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