Sixers relaunch brand

Today the Sixers announced that they would relaunch the classic Sixers logo. There are back to the red, white and blue. This is long overdue, the uniforms they have been wearing are not the Sixers and last year when they wore the 82-83 jerseys, they looked stylish and classic. Here are some jersey that we have had since 82-83.

This is classic Sixers

Shit went bad here. I was at the West Oak Lane Jazz Fest this weekend, and I saw someone selling a warm-up suit from this era. It would be unreal to rock that. Who thought of this jersey?

Short-lived Iverson/Stackhouse era, back to a classic feel.

Sixers intelligently marketing to the urban hip-hop culture that came with their superstar Allen Iverson. These jerseys are alright, but they don't feel like the Sixers.

Last year the Sixers wore this throwback on occasion, and it seems like they will be back to these this year.


Colt Seavers said...

This makes my old school 76ers tattoo trendy again.

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