Mitch Williams is a chump

As the title of this article suggests, Mitch Williams is a bum. I don't know how this guy still has a job in the great sports city that is Philadelphia. It wasn't enough that we had to watch him blow Game 4, and obviously most notably Game 6 of the World Series. But now we have to listen to this jackass every day on the radio or tv, talking about our Phillies. Not only that, his whole nonchalant attitude toward the 1993 World Series is flat out annoying. He jokes about one of the most painful moments in Philadelphia sports history. And we are supposed to accept him back into our town with open arms? Count me out. I can remember watching the World Series in '93 as a 10-year old crying after "Wild Thing" gave up the home run. And for him to joke about it today is an insult to every die-hard Philadelphia fan.

Mitch Williams belongs on some ranch in Texas eating his salsa, joking about the World Series with the rest of his friends. He is horrible on the radio, and horrible on Comcast also. An off-the-record inside source recently stated, "he brings no analytical skills to the table." Even if he did, it would be meaningless. Mitch Williams was run out of town once, and should be run out of town again, if it is the last thing we do.

I can't say it any better than a true Philadelphia athlete who we all loved, Lenny Dykstra, who about the home run stated "That was just one of many he gave up. It's painful. It makes me tired to think about it. That was a great team, those fans were awesome. Mitch Williams is a joke. It's painful dude. He brings up bad memories." I couldn't agree more Lenny. Mitch Williams is a chump, who doesn't deserve to have the backing of the great city that is Philadelphia. We don't need someone who brings up painful memories, and gives us nothing as an analyst.

So I urge all Philadelphia fans to do your part so we can get this joke of a man, asshole Mitch Williams out of town. Also, his salsa sucks.


WANTED: Wide Receiver

Wanted: Wide Receiver for our Philadelphia Eagles, who can get off the line, stretch the defense, catch passes, and score TD's.

Actual Result: Will probably be nothing, unless there is a BYU receiver out there without a job. I'm sure he can come in an be our #1 no problem. In fact, I'm sure Reno Mahe can play wide receiver.

Honestly, is there a better time than right now to get a receiver for the Eagles. We obviously need one even if all of our receivers were healthy. And now, Anquan Boldin wants out, and the Eagles actually have the pieces in place to make a trade. We have a pro-bowl cornerback who is unhappy, and can be traded. We have a lot of draft picks to work with, why not make a move. Hopefully we will do the right thing.

Would this guy look good in Eagles green?


Pittsburgh Panthers Football 2008 Preview

Just wanted to take this time to post a short preview about the upcoming college football season for my alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh Panthers. I am feeling very confident about this season, as are a lot of people, as evidenced by the #25 ranking to start the season in the AP poll. One of only 2 teams to start the season in the top 25 that had less than 8 wins last season. We had our 3rd straight top 25 recruiting class this season, and I expect that to start paying off on the field this season. We all know about the All-American candidate, LeSean McCoy. What you may not know is that he is actually my father. With Derek Kinder coming back from missing last season with a torn ACL at receiver, and Jonathan Baldwin, one of the top freshman WR's in the country, I think we will be extremely solid on offense. The defense is led by Scott McKillop, our middle linebacker, another preseason All-American. Not many know he led the nation in tackles last season, this guy is all over the ball.

Either way, it should be a good, fun season, we will definitely challenge for the Big East title, and a berth in a BCS game. Good games against Iowa, South Florida, Louisville, Notre Dame, and West Virginia highlight the schedule. I can see a 9-3 season from us this season, and challenging for the Big East title. First game is at home vs. Bowling Green, Saturday August 30. McCoy for Heisman, LET'S GO PITT!!!


Hottest Female in the Summer Olympics

Everyone is saying that Leryn Franco (pictured above) is the best looking lady of the games. The female from Paraguay that throws a javelin, is easy on the eyes. Do not get me wrong, look at her, I wouldn't say no.

But for my money, the unheralded hot woman of the games plays both a sport that I love and shares a nation with my kin. Katarzyna Skowronska the outside hitter for the Polish Woman's Indoor Volleyball team is the best looking girl of the games. She does not need any fancy model photos, she looks good o'natural. But, let me be the first to invite Maxim or Playboy to give her a call so we can see more of Katarzyna!