Hottest Female in the Summer Olympics

Everyone is saying that Leryn Franco (pictured above) is the best looking lady of the games. The female from Paraguay that throws a javelin, is easy on the eyes. Do not get me wrong, look at her, I wouldn't say no.

But for my money, the unheralded hot woman of the games plays both a sport that I love and shares a nation with my kin. Katarzyna Skowronska the outside hitter for the Polish Woman's Indoor Volleyball team is the best looking girl of the games. She does not need any fancy model photos, she looks good o'natural. But, let me be the first to invite Maxim or Playboy to give her a call so we can see more of Katarzyna!


James Smith said...

That Polish chick is hot man, I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

First of all the 2nd picture is terrible, at least you can see her in this one: http://florchakh.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/katarzyna-skowronska.jpg

Second of all how can you possibly say that she is the hottest female in the olympics? You obviously haven't seen these:

and this one's not a "fancy model photo" :

and what Allison Stokke? no model pictures here either:

she even looks good upside down:

Before you formulate an opinion and make a statement like that you really should do your research and give credit where credit is due!

Mr. Green said...

Thanks for the comments. Allison Stokke is not at these olympics, no matter how hot she is. Please check back for our hottest female in 2012, and she may be on the list.

www.mueblesennavarra.com said...

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