WANTED: Wide Receiver

Wanted: Wide Receiver for our Philadelphia Eagles, who can get off the line, stretch the defense, catch passes, and score TD's.

Actual Result: Will probably be nothing, unless there is a BYU receiver out there without a job. I'm sure he can come in an be our #1 no problem. In fact, I'm sure Reno Mahe can play wide receiver.

Honestly, is there a better time than right now to get a receiver for the Eagles. We obviously need one even if all of our receivers were healthy. And now, Anquan Boldin wants out, and the Eagles actually have the pieces in place to make a trade. We have a pro-bowl cornerback who is unhappy, and can be traded. We have a lot of draft picks to work with, why not make a move. Hopefully we will do the right thing.

Would this guy look good in Eagles green?


Stuart LaPage said...

The Eagles should trade for Boldin or ask Bolt to come play

Chip Harvey said...

I agree, Bolt and Boldin would be a nasty 1, 2.

Anonymous said...

Who are Lapage and Havey? Who cares actually b/c the fact that they visited you site... i respect that.

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