Eagles Sign Leonard Weaver

The Eagles have gotten the deal done that we all thought they would - they signed fullback Leonard Weaver to a deal which will make him the highest paid fullback in the league. Weaver signed a 3 year deal worth $11 million, with $6.5 million guaranteed. Weaver can make another $700,000 in incentives. Weaver is coming off a fantastic season, one in which he went to the pro bowl. Weaver was a great free agent signing.


Kosmo said...

Weaver is the man he should be the #1 option next year ahead of McCoy.

T-Bone said...

As usual, Kosmo is right on top of things. Imagine how much better other teams would have been had their overrated Pitt Panther alums been relegated to #2: the Dolphins would have collected multiple Lombardi Trophies had they only started (in chronological order) Scott Secules, Scott Mitchell, Craig Erikson, & Damon Huard over that loser Marino; and the Cowgirls would surely have put up multiple undefeated seasons had they handed the ball to Timmy Newsome ahead of that stumblebum Tony Dorsett. Once again, Kosmo's penetrating perceptiveness regarding all things athletic continues to boggle the mind...

Anonymous said...

as and eagle fan i just love having years taked off my life watching them sit there and watch the rest of the division get better while they do nothing...

Kosmo said...

T-Bone, when did you start talking about sports again. Weren't you embarrassed enough after your collapse in the football weekly picks? And backing overrated Pitt players, if I didn't know better I would say Mr. Green wrote your comments. When did it become OK to compare McCoy to 2 of the best players at their position of all time?
I was joking in saying Weaver should be the #1 option. My point was he does deserve a lot more carries then he got last year.
Unfortunately, Andy Reid will never run the ball 45 times a game, they way I and a fellow Kotite writer would love. So instead, Reid will overuse an undersized running back, while a bigger bruising back will be wasted on the sideline. McCoy's production took a large dip in the last quarter of the season. Weaver is the perfect change of pace back to McCoy. If McCoy split carries with Weaver 70/30, it would preserve McCoy's career and have him more fresh at the end of each game and at the end of the season. But we all know that will never happen.

T-Bone said...

Uh, actually Kosmo that was Dr. G who pitifully collapsed in your football picks. Have no idea who he is, but he's obviously as clueless as SI's Dr. Z who used to annually predict the Division, Conference, and Superbowl winners, and who year after year got them all wrong. Anyhow, I assumed you were just rattling Mr. Green's cage with your call for Weaver to be the #1 option ahead of Shady -- my reply was just aimed at calling attention to the Panthers' vaunted pedigree. Actually agree with everything you say about the best use of McCoy/Weaver in tandem. But, of course, Reid will remain in the LaLa Land of his fantasy world where the very idea of running is punishable by withholding a meal, so we know he won't risk that!

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