NFL Draft 2nd - 7th Round Picks

The draft continued into Friday night and basically all day Saturday, as the 2nd and 3rd rounds were on Friday night, and then the 4th through 7th rounds were Saturday.

Here is a rundown of the rest of the Eagles picks, highlighted by the 'Donovan McNabb pick,' in early 2nd rounder Nate Allen, safety, from South Florida.

2nd round- Nate Allen, S, South Florida
3rd round- Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, DE, Washington
4th round- Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky
4th round- Keenan Clayton, LB, Oklahoma
4th round- Michael Kafka, QB, Northwestern
4th round- Clay Harbor, TE, Southwest Missouri State
5th round- Ricky Sapp, DE, Clemson
5th round- Riley Cooper, WR, Florida
6th round- Charles Scott, RB, LSU
7th round- Jamar Chaney, LB, Mississippi State
7th round- Jeffrey Owens, DT, Georgia
7th round- Kurt Coleman, S, Ohio State

Overall, I am not a huge fan of this draft for the Philadelphia Eagles. I am unsure of the Brandon Graham pick, when they still had Derrick Morgan and Earl Thomas on the board. I also personally would rather have Taylor Mays than Nate Allen. That's not to say that Graham and Allen are bad players or will be busts, they can be very effective.

I also don't see a need for all the defensive ends to be chosen. I also think that the Eagles really needed to take an offensive lineman fairly early. Even when the Eagles had their offensive line set for the next season, Andy Reid usually stick took a couple O lineman. Now, when we need offensive line help, especially on the interior, we don't take a single one.

Obviously, I am no draft expert, so I don't know much about most of these players, any of them could be busts, and any of them could be future pro-bowlers, but just looking at the draft as a whole, I can't say I am content with it.


Dr. G said...

Well, you're in good company not being content with this draft. One of the best football minds in the country -- our own R.Didi -- said on WPI today that he was "completely puzzled" by the Reid/Roseman approach of continually moving down after getting Allen. Doing so, he said, cost them a bunch of potentially decent starters for the O-line and secondary. Not only did they just pass on these picks, but after Reid finished his 15 Egg McMuffins for breakfast Saturday and headed into the 4th round, he picked folks that Didinger (and, according to him, many others) rated as 7th-rounders. Looks overall like Reid/Roseman went after smallish defenders with speed, rather than Taylor Mays types. I'm not a Mays fan; though he's a punishing tackler with good Sports Center video bytes, he usually hits AFTER the receiver has brought down a 25-yard completion -- coverage just ain't his thing. BUT, after watching the hefty Dallas O-line completely push around our D-line in back to back disasters, size is definitely useful, at least in the NFC East. Would have liked Thomas over Graham, but Graham has his supporters, including Jon Gruden who called him "the best defensive player in the draft." And if R.Didi is willing to rate Nate Allen as a "very good safety," that's good enough for me. But, as always, we'll see.

Personally, I was basically underwhelmed by the Reid/Roseman performance in this draft, finding myself screaming at the TV as the Birds dropped farther & farther, "Pick a fucking player already!! Where are you, Andy, out snorting bacon cheeseburgers?" We know Andy is in love with hoarding mid- to low-level picks for future wheeling & dealing, but this team has serious deficiencies which demand acquiring starting level players NOW. By screwing around after the Allen pick, I'm afraid we lost a couple of those players -- especially for the O-line. I mean, where the hell are the offensive picks? Can Reid really believe his O-line is adequate? Is he smoking his kids' stash? Did he think there was a league penalty for picking O-linemen in this draft? Actually, the more I write about this, the worse I think the draft was for the Birds. So I'll stop here before my blood pressure gets out of control....Though, speaking of high blood pressure, did anyone see Reid on screen Fri night being interviewed by lame-o Berman? There he was in an Hawaiian shirt that looked like it could cover an aircraft carrier, with a typically smug look on his fat face, brother-in-lawing Berman, an act which Reid only trots out for national media types (while treating Philly media, and the fans, like lepers). In the background, a few Philly fans were repeatedly yelling, "Run the ball, Reid!!" Andy simply put on his condescending voice and replied, "You guys need to calm down." What a load this guy is...

Kotite's Corner said...

Yeah, I'm not hating on Nate Allen, but yes I think Taylor Mays would have been a better pick. That said, like you said, Didinger likes Nate Allen a lot, so enough said. I agree with all the draft bashing and Reid bashing, he is a complete joke.

Reid loves to stock pile draft choices, as if having 10 6th and 7th round picks is something to be proud of. And he's still as arrogant as ever, which makes no sense.

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