Opinion on the Erin Andrews Video

The Erin Andrews video was actually pretty decent. Much better than i thought it would be. Here's my question: is it possible that she knew it was being filmed? Judging by this video, she obviously doesn't mind being naked. Most people would have put clothes on long before she did, even if they are alone. Is it possible that this was her way of letting it out there without actually letting it out there? If the video appears like a stunt, then she wouldn't lose her job at ESPN. The video the way it is, she gets to show off the goods and gain some more attention (and probably from more than just some more college-aged fanboys). This is just a thought. Most likely she had no idea, and it is a shame this happened to her, but I just wanted to throw out the conspiracy theory.


T-Bone said...

Well, let's direct the cold light of logic onto this hot topic:

TMZ.com has rather persuasively suggested that the mystery photog was a co-worker, i.e., someone involved in the production of the programs in which Andrews appeared. In a rather impressive analysis of the tapes, the TMZ folks were somehow able to shift attention from the obviously compelling main character, and focus instead on differences between the clips. Specifically, in 4 of the 6 videos, the peephole appears as round, while in 2 of the clips the peephole is jagged. They also call attention to the fact that the room furniture in the first 4 clips is different from the remaining 2. Conclusion? They were filmed at 2 different times at 2 different hotels. TMZ reasonably infers from this that the photog was probably traveling with Andrews & the TV crew, and was therefore likely part of that crew, and quite possibly also knew her schedule. So far so good, but rationality demands more...

In one set of clips, Erin is curling her hair; in the others, she's ironing. Now aside from the fact that, as you astutely observe, most people don't traipse around naked very long even when alone -- and probably do so even less in hotel rooms -- I'm not sure how many people engage in these sorts of tasks while naked. Maybe hair curling (though I would think usually in the bathroom after a shower), but ironing? Who the hell would brandish a hot iron in the buff?? This raises two possibilities: either the photog already knew that Andrews routinely struts her stuff even when alone, and took advantage of this inside knowledge (which raises the additional questions of how this would be known and who would be in a position to know it), or the whole thing was indeed deliberately staged to appear like "peeping Tom" incidents, which would provide Erin a lot of free pub while protecting her "innocence." Inquiring minds would like to know, but we may never get to the bottom of this intrigue. Even if some poor underling takes the fall for this, logic suggests there may indeed be more to this than initially meets the eye. Where's Arlen (Single Bullet Theory) Specter when you really need him?

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