Phils Get Cliff Lee

According to Ken Rosenthal at Foxsports.com, the Phillies acquired Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco for Class A right-hander Jason Knapp, Class AAA right-hander Carlos Carrasco, shortstop Jason Donald and catcher Lou Marson

The trade isn't official yet, it is pending physical exams.

Even though Lee isn't Halladay, Lee is the reigning Cy Young Award winner. The most important thing for the Phillies was they didn't have to give up pitcher Kyle Drabek, pitcher J.A. Happ or outfielders Dominic Brown and Michael Taylor.

Listen to Cliff Lee on Jody Mac on ESPN 950


T-Bone said...

Damn right Lee isn't Roy Halladay, and that's the problem. Look, I acknowledge that Cliff Lee is obviously a good pitcher, should definitely improve the starting rotation, and this would ordinarily be a very good trade. But, since this move will naturally be contrasted with the one they could have made for Halladay, it comes up way short by comparison. We get to keep Drabek & Happ -- okay, fine, but is that really going to be much consolation if Halladay ends up shutting us out in October with the Bosox? Now that we have Lee, what would REALLY be a blockbuster move would be to complete the Toronto deal IN ADDITION. With Lee in the fold, the nervous Nellies like Amaro shouldn't be so panic-stricken about dealing Drabek & Happ (and a few prospects) for Halladay. Lee and Halladay -- now THAT would be a blockbuster!! But I'm not so naive as to hold my breath for this -- miracles don't happen in Philly.

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