A Call To Fans in Red

So the Phillies lost game 2. How you ask? Most notably because the line-up curled up like a snail in salt. But one thing is for sure: It WAS NOT because of the umpires!

The men in blue are part of the game. They always have and they always will be. The TV cameras showed that they missed a few calls. One for the Phillies and one against. The fans who call up sports talk stations screaming “the umps blew our chances” or “baseball needs instant replay” need to please be quiet.

The Phillies lost because they scored only one run. They lost because Ryan Howard struck out in each of his 4 at bats. They lost because Rollins and Victorino failed to get on base. They lost because Charlie Manual stuck with Pedro a little too long.

Please Phillies, I beg of you, stop complaining about the umpires. It's the kind of thing we should leave to fans who don’t know what its like to be champions. It shows weakness. And right now, the Phillies are still the champs. So we need to stand tall, shake off the loss and come back revved up for Saturday night. Whether we’re dressed as skeletons, muscle heads, nerds, or Seinfeld characters on Halloween night, we still bleed Phillies red.

The umpires did not determine who won game 2. The Phils lost. Lets get over it, stop pointing fingers and prepare for game 3. All eyes now turn to Cole Hamels.

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