Friday Football Picks

Willard – Overall Record: (11-5)
Alabama (-4.5) at Mississippi
West Virginia (-10) at Syracuse
Northwestern (-18.5) vs. Miami (OH)
Browns (+6) at Bills

Roget – Overall Record: (11-8)
Florida (-7.5) at LSU
Tennessee (-1.5) vs. Georgia
Patriots (-3.5) at Broncos
Falcons (+2.5) at 49ers

Dr. G - Overall Record (9-7)
Michigan State (-4) at Illinois
Steelers (-10.5) at Lions
Colts (-3.5) at Titans
Vikings (-10) at Rams

Jack Flack – Overall Record: (10-9)
Wisconsin (+16) at Ohio State
Indiana (+6.5) at Virginia
Michigan (+8) at Iowa
Colts (-3.5) at Titans

C-Money – Overall Record (6-6)
Pittsburgh (-7) vs. UConn
East Carolina (-6.5) at SMU
Colorado (+32.5) at Texas
Colts (-3.5) at Titans

Mr. Green – Overall Record: (8-11)
Pittsburgh (-7) vs. UConn
West Virginia (-10) at Syracuse
Steelers (-10.5) at Lions
Ravens (-8.5) vs. Bengals

Hollywood – Overall Record: (7-12)
Mississippi State (-2.5) vs. Houston
Florida (-7.5) at LSU
UCLA (+3.5) vs. Oregon
Eagles (-15) vs. Buccaneers

Overall Winning Percentage
1. Willard (69%)
2. Roget (58%)
3. Dr. G (56%)
4. Jack Flack (53%)
5. C-Money (50%)
6. Mr. Green (42%)
7. Hollywood (37%)


Willard said...

What no comments last week by Dr. G? "Oh C-Money you suck...blah, blah, blah...Look at me, I am a doctor and I know big words...blah, blah, blah."

Here's a thought Dr. Chump, why don't you spend more time thinking about your picks and less time worrying about the picks and comments of others. Maybe if you did that you would be knocking on the door of a .700 winning percentage, like me, rather than being slightly above average.

On a side note, where's the playoff coverage? Are you guys too good for it and will wait for the World Series?

Dr. G said...

Gee, Willard, thank you for the helpful suggestions for improving my picks. Didn't know you cared. Your record to date is indeed quite impressive, so your expert advice is greatly appreciated. Of course, not everyone enjoys the advantage you do of being supported by your mom and living for free in the basement of her house, where you can spend 24/7 playing video games, trolling for dates in chat rooms, and visiting every oddsmaker's website. And BTW, does that tinfoil hat you wear pick up special messages from Vegas?

T-Bone said...

Well, Willard, while your statements about Dr. G's verbosity may be right on, I think your snide comment about KC's lack of Phillies playoff coverage is off base. Here's a thought: why not put down your game controller for a few minutes and post your own brilliant observations on the playoffs? Oh that's right, that would require stringing a few sentences together in coherent order. Sorry I brought this up -- I didn't mean to dredge up those painful memories you have of riding the short bus. Sorry...

Willard said...

Dr. Chump, don't try to discredit my impressive record by saying this is all I think about. I literally spend 5 minutes on my picks each week. Maybe if I spent some time on the picks and did some wacky equation like that amazing QB rating post, I could improve my winning.

As for living in my mom's basement, playing video games all day, visiting chat rooms for dates and looking up oddsmaker's websites; you have described Hollywood to a tee. Which very hurtful that you would compare me to that loser. Based on Hollywood's picks, going to oddsmaker's websites 24/7 really doesn't pay off. Hollywood talks a big game an how he would dominated in Vegas, but in the real world, he will never be his idol, Zac Efron.

Let's get back to the real loser. Dr. G, what kind of Doctor are you anyway? If I were guessing I would say you are a proctologist. You seem like kind of guy who would like to get paid to stick things up another man's ass. While you're doing that, you tell the patients how much they suck and how amazing you are. Using your extra long words just encase they didn't get it.

Kotite's Corner should be covering what's going on in Philly sports. Like the Phillies in the playoffs, how the early bye week helped the Eagles heal up, and the start of the Flyer's season. Instead the last 4 post were about our dopey picks. I think Roget and Mr. Green have been slacking.

Ass Man said...

Not sure who or what you are Willard, but your procto-phobic comments are not only an affront to dedicated professionals such as myself, but to civil society in general. If you could stop playing with your creepy rats long enough, perhaps you could schedule a visit to my office where I would be more than happy to conduct a thorough examination with a roto-rooter.

Willard said...

Not only do I hate doctors, I am a hater of dentist as well. And I am now down to one rat, RIP Ursula, you will be missed.

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