Friday Football Picks

Roget – Overall Record: (36-30-1)
Titans (-4.5) at Seahawks
Texans (-8) vs. Patriots
Steelers (-3) at Dolphins
Eagles (+3) at Cowboys

Jack Flack – Overall Record: (34-30-3)
South Florida (-7) vs. Northern Illinois
Texas Tech (-8) vs. Michigan State
Central Michigan (-3.5) vs. Troy
Eagles (+3) at Cowboys

Willard – Overall Record: (32-30-2)
Titans (-4.5) at Seahawks
Falcons (-1.5) at Buccaneers
Chiefs (+13.5) at Broncos
Packers (+3) at Cardinals

C-Money – Overall Record (29-29-2)
West Virginia (-2.5) vs. Florida State
Steelers (-3) at Dolphins
Jaguars (+1) at Browns
Bears (-3) at Lions

Dr. G - Overall Record (31-31-2)
Missouri (-6.5) vs. Navy
West Virginia (-2.5) vs. Florida State
Cincinnati (-13) vs. Florida
Georgia Tech (-4) vs. Iowa

Mr. Green – Overall Record: (30-35-2)
Cincinnati (+13) vs. Florida
Central Michigan (-3.5) vs. Troy
LSU (-1) vs. Penn State
West Virginia (-2.5) vs. Florida State
Hollywood - Overall Record: (24-42-1)
Texans (-8) vs. Patriots
Bengals (+10) at Jets
Giants (+9) at Vikings
Browns (-1) vs. Jaguars

Overall Winning Percentage
1. Roget (55%)
2. Jack Flack (53%)
3. Willard (52%)
4. C-Money (50%)
4. Dr. G (50%)
6. Mr. Green (46%)
7. Hollywood (36%)


Dr. G said...

It is now official, and in good conscience I have no option but to publicly acknowledge that I am a complete fraud and utter chump in the realm of sports predictions, particularly in regard to college games. Following my humiliating mid-season collapse, capped by this week's atrocious performance (already 3 of 4 wrong), I will be taking an extended leave of absence from sports commentary in general, devoting myself to rigorous study in order to achieve the requisite level of sports comprehension appropriate to these pages. Kotite's Corner deserves a far higher level of competence than my lame prognostications have provided. Rather than attending to sports -- for which I clearly have no aptitude -- I will be watching Titanic on DVD and re-runs of American Idol along with the other girls. If KC would ever like guest commentary on these brilliant productions, I'm your gal...

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