Friday Football Picks

The 2nd annual Friday Football Picks has ended. After winning most of the season, and then dropping to 3rd, Willard comes back to win at the end. It was unbelievably close between Willard, Jack Flack, and Roget for first place, all 3 separated by mere percentage points, and all 3 picking games that finished almost right on the line the final week of the season.

Willard led most of the season, with Dr. G nipping on his hells. With Dr. G having a Denver Broncos-like collapse this season, Willard was in command. But Willard proved he was human, and couldn't keep up his 60% picking clip. He slowly came back to the pack, and Roget and Jack Flack took advantage. Roget had the lead going into the final week of the season, but couldn't hold off Willard. The final standings are below--

Overall Winning Percentage
1. Willard (53.03%)
2. Jack Flack (52.94%)
3. Roget (52.86%)
4. C-Money (50.00%)
5. Dr. G (46.97%)
6. Mr. Green (43.48%)
7. Hollywood (35.71%)


Dr. G said...

Congrats to Willard whose commanding lead in the first 2/3 of the season pulled him across the finish line at the end, despite intense competition in the last legs. Also congrats to C-Money for kicking my sorry ass despite his shaky start. As previously mentioned, my humiliating collapse in the last half of the season, abetted by my obvious complete ignorance of college pigskin in particular (0-4 in my final bowl picks), convinced me to take an extended leave of absence from sports commentary to explore other areas that might be more suitable to my aptitudes. I'm pleased to report that I've found my true calling watching Leonardo Dicaprio films, listening to show tunes, and re-playing tapes of every season of "American Idol." The other girls and I couldn't be more thrilled...

C-Money said...

Don't forget your preference for track lighting, your obsession with Bette Midler, and the fact that you like to suck....

Great quote from Jack black!!

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