Eagles' Management: The KGB of the NFL?

With the elevation of Howie Roseman to GM of the Birds, the Eagles' brain trust has openly (though inadvertently) revealed itself as the NFL's version of Russia's KGB-dominated dictatorship. The similarities are simply mind-boggling. First, though, a brief Russian history recap: Russia's leadership consists of a President, who has traditionally been the head of government, and a Prime Minister, who was usually a figure-head administrator of the Communist Party. Vladimir Putin, a long-time official of Russia's infamously brutal spy organization the KGB, was "elected" President in 2000 and served the requisite two 4-year terms ending in 2008. To retain absolute power and control after his presidency, Putin in 2008 appointed himself (through his minions) Prime Minister, and ensured that his hand-picked puppet, Dmitry Medvedev, was "elected" President. In this way, Putin shifted dictatorial authority from the Presidency to the Prime Minister, thereby retaining absolute power over the government. Now, substitute the Eagles' Coach/General Manager for the Russian President/Prime Minister, and we can clearly see the self-serving, manipulative dishonesty of this GM appointment, not to mention the petty dictatorial mindset of the Lurie/Banner/Reid cabal. Rather than consider an independent football outsider who can train a fresh eye on the perennial meltdowns of this perennially underachieving organization, the insecure tyrants of NovaCare appoint an inexperienced bean-counting lackey in Roseman who will in no way challenge the status quo. In this way, Reid -- the Vladimir Putin control freak of Eagledom -- retains absolute power and authority over all personnel decisions, despite no longer carrying the titular GM designation in combination with Head Coach. Reid, with the backing of the clueless Lurie & Banner bean-counting sisters, further consolidates his control over this sorry organization, ensuring there will be no internal whispers of dissent to challenge his arrogant, myopic decisions. And, unfortunately for the fans, the endless term of Comrade Reid, like that of Putin, is destined to produce nothing but more helpless misery for the general public. Once again, the Eagles' brass proves its incompetency and, even worse, its timidity.