Shuster Suck

Shuster taking it from the other countries

Listen, if you don't watch curling, I don't like you, so stop reading. I have never curled before. I honestly do not know shit about curling. But every 4 years I watch it and it has become my favorite Olympic sport. So after Torino's surprise bronze medal for the Americans, I had some-what high hopes...possibly a medal again. These thoughts were quickly squashed by Shitty Shuster and his awful performance. If the game were on the line in 4 separate occasions and I had just one rock to curl down the ice, I would not make any of them. You know what is different between Shuster and I.....nothing! His wikipedia page has been hacked multiple times today with hilarious faux facts about him that were much better written than this. My personal favorite was something along the lines of this, "After choking in so many important curling events, Shuster is now known as the Donovan McNabb of curling." Whoever you are who wrote those today, thank you and I am sorry for butchering your quote (like anyone reads this) One good thing about today, is I just found out about this hot ice dancing chick on the US, Tanith Belbin (see below) and she agrees that Shuster sucks!


T-Bone said...

And I thought I was the only one tuned to CNBC during Winter Olympic weeks... Can't say I'd ever watch curling on a regular (or even semi-annual) basis, but every 4 years I look forward to it, and for some weird reason find something mesmerizing -- or maybe hypnotic -- about it. After taking the bronze at Torino, Shuster has definitely sucked the big one this year -- and the unknown Wikepedia "editor" who likened him to McNabb deserves a Pulitzer. The only difference is that Shuster will sink back into the obscurity he deserves, while McNabb & his air guitar may -- God forbid! -- stick around to nauseate us for another season or so...

T-Bone said...

More evidence that Shuster is a choking dog -- and a wimpering female one at that, thus officially making him a simpering bitch: After doing his McNabb impression by spitting the bit when it mattered most, he follows his inglorious elimination by announcing that his team will NOT compete in the upcoming American Curling National Championship. Now while on the one hand this spares the curling public from seeing his ugly fat mug again, what is really despicably cowardly & irresponsible about this is the fact that the U.S. Curling League AND the U.S. Olympic Committee have provided enormous financial and training support to this clown for the past year precisely so he can be competitive at a world level. If he doesn't compete in the national championship, he won't be eligible for the world championships. So Shuster is basically giving the finger to the organizations that funded his sorry fat ass, & which provided him free training facilities, by ducking out on them as soon as he crapped out at the Olympics. His excuse? He and his boys are simply too tired and drained to get back into competition so soon!! What bullshit!! Shuster basically looked like he was on vacation during his matches, and his team was anything but competitive. And this decision has to be Shuster's: as the team skipper he could replace anyone on the team who didn't want to continue -- so it has to be him who's "too tired" to go on. What a wimpering, simpering, waste of space this fat-assed bitch has turned out to be.

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