Halladay Completes Perfect Game

While the Flyers were in the midst of a crazy Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, Roy Halladay was doing something that had only been done 19 times before him, and once in Phillies history - pitch a perfect game.

Halladay was perfect against the Marlins, retiring all 27 batters he faced, and striking out 11 en route to the perfect game. And the perfect game was basically needed just to get the win, since the Phillies offense is one of the worse in the league, the Phillies could only muster up an unearned run in this outing. This might be the most unwatched perfect game among Phillies fans, as it was on the road, and came during a night when the Flyers kicked off the Stanley Cup Finals.

Halladay never showed any emotion during the game, and if just looking at Halladay, you would have never known what was at stake. In the 9th inning, Ronny Paulino grounded out to 3rd to end the game, and complete the perfect game. Paulino's grounded initially looked like it was going to be a weak hit between 3rd and short, but it was hit softly enough to field by Castro, who was playing 3rd. I can't even imagine how nervous it must be to have the last ball hit to you in a perfect game situation.

Roy Halladay has never pitched a perfect game before or a no hitter. This is the 20th perfect game in MLB history, and the Phillies have now become the first team to throw 2 perfect games; the other being Jim Bunning in 1964.


Kosmo said...

Roy is tied for the 3rd most strikeouts in a perfect game with 11. Only behind Sandy Koufax (14) and Randy Johnson (13). White Sox, Yankees, Indians and Athletics have all thrown 2 perfect games, the Phillies aren't first to do that. The odd thing about the perfect game is that it's the 6th 1-0 perfect game.

T-Bone said...

With the Fightin's entire offense sucked down a shit hole game after game lately, perfect games may be the only way this team will get any W's. As the inestimably articulate Mr. Tony Bruno would say, It's an Outrage!!

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