Rasheed Wallace is the Man

Rasheed Wallace has never let been shy about being a die hard Flyers fan, and has never been shy about showing this.

Wallace, back in 2004 when Jeremy Roenick scored a goal against the Toronto Maple Leafs to win a series in overtime, cut off the interview he was currently doing in the Detroit Pistons locker room to watch the television in the locker room, and starting yelling "It's in, it's in."

Wallace has been seen numerous times in his Flyers gear and Flyers hat. So, I have to give him props, as Wallace, not playing for Boston, was being interviewed on Thursday night after Boston beat the Cavaliers to close out the series. This took place in Boston, the night before the Flyers and Bruins were about to play Game 7 in the same city. Needless to say, Rasheed Wallace is the man, as this is what he looked like at the interview--