Hollywood: The Pussification of America Continues

Today, one of the top stories in the news is that the parents of the kid that Big Baby Davis plowed over after celebrating a winning shot in game 4 have demanded that the Celtics and the NBA apologize, stating that Davis was acting like a "raging animal with no regard for fans' personal safety."

This is just another incident indicating a growing trend that is taking our country by storm: People are becoming pussies. As I type this, I hear that Mark Cuban is issuing an apology to K-Mart and his family for uttering that he was a “thug” or a “punk.” Well, now there is a word we can all call you; “vagina”

Every day it seems, somebody is crying and demanding an apology from someone for doing something that, if they were a man, they would be able to shake it off and move on with their life. Whether it be an attempt to achieve fame and get their name in the news, or an actual lack of a penis and overabundance of estrogen in their bodies, people need to fucking stop.

Yeah, the guy was excited he just tied the series with a ridiculous shot. God forbid he act enthusiastic about it. How about instead of whining about his actions, you tell your spoiled ass kid to sit down and not be so close to the court. The kid’s like 11 years old and sitting courtside at a playoff game, neither he nor his parents should be complaining about shit.
And jeers also to Cuban. Fuck political correctness, you spoke your mind. K-Mart is a punk. You are one of the few people in sports who have the balls to tell it like it is, please don’t tell me you’re going soft on us too.

So as the sports continue this week, we will continue to see bitch foul calls, penalties for breathing on Ovechkin and Crosby, and guys getting in trouble for admitting he threw behind a hitter to send a message, even though he didn’t even come close to hitting him. What is going on with sports? Truly, it is a microcosm of what is going on in America. People are whining and crying and being little bitches, and it is considered ok. I only hope Big Baby Davis holds a press conference and people think he is going to apologize, only instead, he says something like “A. You should apologize for being racist by calling me an animal and B. Your bitch son shouldn’t have been that close to the court.” Of course, that will never happen. From athletes to owners to fans, everyone is becoming just like Davis himself; a big baby.


T-Bone said...

Right on! As you point out, this nonsense is a reflection of our "denial of personal responsibility" culture, which has invaded sports. The source of this, I believe, are the biggest pussy a-holes and despicable butt-wipes in all the land: lawyers. Sniffing the possibility of turning accidents and sometimes-shit-just-happens incidents into lawsuits and dirty money, lawyers have led the charge in sabotaging the concept of personal responsiiblity. Just heard this morning that the parents of an infant who crawled out of a "doggy door" in their kitchen and ended up drowning in their pool is suing the door's manufacturer! That would be like suing the carpenter who installed a stairway because your kid took a plunge and broke his neck because you were too friggin' stupid to put up a safety gate! I guess that rather than feeling guilty for failing to ensure their child's safety, it's more emotionally convenient for these parents to point fingers at somebody else. It's bullshit, and the sad thing is, they (and their shyster lawyers) will probably get a sizeable cash settlement from the manufacturer just to avoid the criminal expense and risk of the case going to court. In this and so many other ways, lawyers are truly the scum of the earth.

Hollywood said...

There are two parts to my "people are now pussies" theory; the legal and the hurt feelings aspects. You did a nice job covering the douchebag lawyer side, I will try the other.

I don't think the kid in Orlando's dad was gonna get a lawyer. He just was a bitch with a fat son who probably gets 40 hours of video games in per week as opposed to 40 minutes of exercise. Thats what is going on in America. They won't even let schools include dodgeball in their gym cirriculums anymore! Why? Because wuss kids got hurt and fat kids got picked last.

But this goes back to what you said, personal responsibility. Instead of telling Jimmy to stop watching Pokemon and playing with nerdy trading cards and instead join Little League or tell little Tommy to stop eating 3 Twinkies after school every day, Mommy and Daddy just go to the school and complain that their kids have "hurt feelings."

Fuck your kids! That is how productive humans are created, through competition. They have to learn that sometimes they have to try to be better than they are. Its bullshit now in kids sports leagues everyone gets a trophy. They actually have 6th place trophies! Are you actually supposed to be proud of your kid if his team is in 6th place? Where are kids going to get the motivation to go out and make themselves better, if no matter what, they are praised and told that what they are doing is good enough.

God forbid somebody say "Sorry Bobby, but that kids team got trophies because they won the championship, and your team didnt. Maybe if you try harder and practice more, you can get one next year." As a country, people are getting dumber, fatter, and less productive. Its sickening.

So you know what, if your kid is standing on the court and gets run over, teach him to either take it like a man or stay in his seat! If Mark Cuban calls your son a thug, tell him to F himself and go on with your life.

Just stop fucking crying!

T-Bone said...

Agree with everything you say. I think that the "hurt feelings" crap comes out of the same cultural pussification of having to find someone or something else to blame for every unhappy event, rather than just accepting that shit happens -- sometimes even really unfair shit -- and just dealing with it. Believe it or not, there are now some school districts in the country that ban teachers from correcting tests/papers using red ink because red is a "provocative" color that can injure the self-esteem of the poor, sensitive students!! And this all came about because some wussy parents who couldn't stand up to their snot-nosed, whining little brats complained to the schools, instead of telling their little bastards to shut the hell up and study! Kids used to be more concerned about getting red butts from parents whooping their asses than they were about teachers' red pens -- but, thanks to the lawyers, spanking now puts parents at risk of being anonymously reported for child abuse. We really are in sad shape as a society... I remember as a young kid we had a bully in the neighborhood. My mother -- not even my father, but my mother -- gave me the following advice: "If this kid ever bothers you, you can either tell him to get lost or you can punch him in his fat face. If you do the first, you'll probably end up having to do the second anyway, so you might as well just clobber the fat little slob. And if his fat mother calls me to complain, I'll tell her that her brat had it coming and if he ever steps foot on our side of the street again he'd better be wearing a catcher's mask." No whining to school authorities, no gathering petitions, no calling lawyers -- just dealing directly with an adverse situation. Do any parents do this anymore? Does anyone do this anymore?

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