Hooray For Interleague Play

Well the time is upon us baseball fans. Time for Leagues to collide in Interleague play. Baseball purists—as they like to call themselves—loath the idea of the National League and American League meeting in the regular season.

But no matter what a purist tries to argue, Interleague play is good for baseball. Over the course of a long 162 season, baseball can become monotonous. Fans don’t exactly clamor for tickets when the Marlins or Pirates come to town. But tickets are damn near impossible to find when the Red Sox and Yankees come to your stadium for 3 games out of the year.

The Phillies enter new Yankee stadium after winning 6 of 7 seven games in Washington and Cincinnati. The Phillies are playing good baseball but they still need to prove they can beat strong competition. The Yankees have won 9 straight games and will provide Phillie fans with must see TV.

The storylines are a plenty. Alex Rodriguez already appears to be in mid season form. Will Brett Myers be able to keep him in the park? JA Happ has finally grabbed a spot in the rotation. But I’m sure he would’ve of liked to face a warm-up team that didn’t include A-Rod, Teixeira or Jeter. If he can survive Saturday, then he may just have some staying power. And Sunday afternoon looks to be a pitcher’s dream. Cole Hamels vs. CC Sabathia. Hamels out-dueled the hefty lefty in the postseason last year. So will CC get his revenge now that he wears pinstripes.

It only three games and that’s probably why it's so fun to watch. If you miss the games this weekend, you’ll have to wait a couple of years before the Phillies face the Yankees again. Interleague play works because it is not over-saturated. The cross league games don’t usually sink or save a team’s season. They just make it a little more interesting for a few weeks.


C-Money said...

I would like the next baseball blog from Kotite's Corner to address what the hell is going on with Brad Lidge.... Is it an injury, or is this coming down to earth year after an improbable perfect season?

C-Money said...

As I just watched Brad Lidge blow his second save in a row to the Yankees, it looks like he doesn't have the fire or the swagger that he did last season. I just watched him walk off the field with an empty expression on his face. I expect my closer to live and die with every save which he seemed to do last year. I have no clue if it is mental, physical or otherwise, but I would like the Phillies to give him a couple weeks off and have Madson close. When Romero comes back, he could even close. All I know is that if Lidge continues this horrible stretch with an ERA in the 10's, he can't be a viable option for closer.