Andy Reid Is Not Irreplaceable

Eagles coach Andy Reid is flat out no longer a very good coach. His pass happy offense now gets the Eagles into more trouble than it does well. There have been multiple times in Reid’s tenure with the Eagles, and multiple times just this season when the Eagles would be smart to just run the ball, but have not chosen to do so.

I’m not exactly sure who is calling the plays at the point, or who does what with the offense between Reid and Mornhinweg, but it makes no difference, because Mornhinweg just does whatever Andy Reid tells him to do. Andy Reid’s coaching style and attitude towards the fans and media is just getting old. It’s actually been old for a while, but I figured I would write another article stating my belief of wanting Andy Reid out of town.

Reid passes the ball way too much, doesn’t make adjustments during the game, doesn’t take advantage of other team’s weaknesses, can’t put together a successful game plan, is way too arrogant, doesn’t answer any questions during press conferences, treats the media like crap, and treats the fans like crap.

Andy Reid has been directly responsible for losses on the schedule. Take the game this season against the Oakland Raiders. This is a game that the Eagles should not and cannot lose. The Raiders are one the worst teams in the NFL against the run, and aren’t bad against the pass. Donovan McNabb was coming back from an injury, and wasn’t real sharp. This usually means to run the ball to help McNabb out. Instead, the Eagles passed the ball 46 times, and ran the ball 12, which does not include 2 McNabb runs. The Eagles were never down by more than 7 points in this game, so there was no reason to throw the ball. Reid’s play calling was directly responsible for a loss on the schedule that just can’t happen. To make matters worse, the following week the Raiders played the Jets, and the Jets ran the ball 54 times for 316 yards, and only threw 15 passes, and blew the Raiders out 38-0. Imagine that.

This notion that Andy Reid is the only person who can coach the Eagles, or that we won’t be able to find anybody else to coach the team successfully is a joke. Some people seem to think that Reid is a Joe Pa figure and can coach the Eagles for as long as he wants. That is ridiculous. Reid has had a great run as head coach of the Eagles; I am not trying to discredit that, and I am not trying to say he hasn’t done a solid coaching job here, because overall he has. But this team is going nowhere under Reid, and I believe that we can find someone better.

Unfortunately, Reid is loved by the organization, and I have a very bad feeling that a Reid extension is right around the corner, no matter how the Eagles do this season.


T-Bone said...

After the characteristically underachieving loss to the mediocre Cardinals in last season's NFC Championship, Banner stated, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This makes it obvious that we can't keep doing the same thing." Like everything else about the Birds, this statement just served to tantalize, to raise hopes that the Brain Trust finally got it, only to prove once again to be as empty and hollow as the space between Big Red's ears. Reid has already overstayed his welcome, and his arrogant act gets more tireseome every year, even as his smug self-satisfaction reaches epic proportions. The utterly asinine and mindless Vick acquisition -- symptomatic of Reid's atrocious judgment and cluelessness in planning effective offensive schemes -- should have been the immediate end of Big Red. But, no, instead we seem to be watching the evolution of AndyPa -- the untouchable who can do no wrong in the myopic eyes of Lurie & Co. Extending this clown's contract would be a direct insult to the Birds' fan base. But then, since when did Lurie/Banner give a damn about the fans (hoagiegate, anyone...)? The fans may have to take matters into their own hands, as they did during the dismal days of the Joe Kuharich era, when they hired a plane to circle the Vet on game day trailing the banner "Joe Must Go!" Get ready to rev your engines, boys....

Kotite's Corner said...

Well said about Joe Banner's comments last season, I forgot about that. Not to mention, you would think since Lurie feels like we have the most talented roster in all of football, it has to fall on the head coach, right?

Andy Pa has definitely overstayed his welcome.

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