Big East No Longer the Big Least

Lots of people have liked to pile on Big East football for being weak recently after the conference lost Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College. I’m not here to claim the Big East should be compared to the best conferences, but the fact remains, the Big East is no longer the weakest of the major BCS conferences.

Just a week ago, the Big East had four teams in the BCS top 25, which was tied for the most of any conference. At that point, it was more teams in the top 25 than the Big 12, ACC, and SEC. Currently, the Big East has 3 teams in the top 25 of the AP poll, 2 in the top 10. The only other conference with 2 top 10 teams is the SEC, which has 3, and that includes a very overrated LSU team. The Big 10 is horrible, and extremely overrated. It’s funny that the top 2 teams in the Big 10 are Ohio State and Penn State. Those two teams are currently ranked lower than their 2 Big East counterparts in the same state, which would be Cincinnati and Pitt.

Take a look here, as Big East Blogger Brian Bennett for ESPN.com breaks down how good the Big East’s situation currently is.


Dr. G said...

The quality of Big East Conference football has been flying under the radar of the national pundits for several seasons. The Big East has been well represented in bowls for several years, even after the departures of Miami, VT, & BC, and actually is among the top in bowl winning percentages among all Conferences. Yeah, most of these haven't been BCS bowls, but the remaining Big East schools aren't exactly in the same neighborhood as Florida, Texas, Alabama, Ohio State, USC, Oklahoma, etc., etc., when it comes to athletic budgets and scholarship $$$. With the Bearcats and Panthers knocking on the door at the BCS mansion, maybe this will be the year the Big East will at least gain entrance to the foyer. And it's an absolute riot to see Cincy and Pitt rated well above the traditional powerhouses of their respective states -- OSU & PSU! Please, Penn State, keep JoePa for another 25 years so we can enjoy the Panthers kicking his raggedy old ass for years to come...

Kotite's Corner said...

Not to mention it was only 3 years ago when Louisville, West Virgnia, and Rutgers were all in the top 10 the final couple weeks of the season, and between the 3 of them had some unbelievable games.

It was also only 2 years ago when West Virgnia was on their way to the National Championship until they lost to Pitt the final game of the season 13-9, in a fantastic game.

Also, those 2 mentioned years above, West Virginia won the Big East, and stomped all over Georgia, and Oklahoma in their BCS bowl games.

Kotite's Corner said...

It is laughable that Pitt and Cinci are ranked higher than Penn State and Ohio State.

Almost as laughable as Penn State's schedule every year.

I agree that it is great to watch Joe Pa suck it up, but he is the main reason that Penn State and Pitt don't play, and he doesn't hide that fact.

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