Friday Football Picks

Willard – Overall Record: (20-11-1)
Penn State (-5) vs. Ohio State
Bears (-3) vs. Cardinals
Eagles (-3) vs. Cowboys
Steelers (-3) at Broncos

Dr. G - Overall Record (19-13)
BYU (-13) at Wyoming
Oregon (-7) at Stanford
Falcons (-10) vs. Redskins
Packers (-9.5) at Buccaneers

Jack Flack – Overall Record: (20-14-1)
Penn State (-5) vs. Ohio State
Oklahoma State (-7.5) at Iowa State
Georgia Tech (-14) vs. Wake Forest
Eagles (-3) vs. Cowboys

Roget – Overall Record: (20-15)
Pittsburgh (-21) vs. Syracuse
Penn State (-5) vs. Ohio State
Jaguars (-6) vs. Chiefs
Ravens (-3) at Bengals

C-Money – Overall Record (14-13-1)
USC (-10) at Arizona State
Notre Dame (-12.5) vs. Navy
Oregon (-7) at Stanford
Texans (+9) at Colts

Mr. Green – Overall Record: (14-21)
Northwestern (+16) at Iowa
Central Florida (+34.5) at Texas
NC State (-6.5) vs. Maryland
Eagles (-3) vs. Cowboys

Hollywood – Overall Record: (13-22)
LSU (+7.5) at Alabama
Packers (-9.5) at Buccaneers
Eagles (-3) vs. Cowboys
Broncos (-3) vs. Steelers

Overall Winning Percentage
1. Willard (65%)
2. Dr. G (59%)
2. Jack Flack (59%)
4. Roget (57%)
5. C-Money (52%)
6. Mr. Green (40%)
7. Hollywood (37%)


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