Sixers Meet With Allen Iverson

The Sixers met with Allen Iverson today in Dallas for 2 hours to discuss the possibility of Iverson returning to the team. After the meeting concluded, no decision was made, but both sides are keeping their options open.

Ed Stefanski, Eddie Jordan, Tony DiLeo, and Aaron McKie met with Iverson and his agent to feel out where both sides are at. The Sixers released a statement after the meeting which said that the meeting went well and that there will be future talks in regard to this.

The Sixers actually do need to sign a guard, and Iverson seems to be the best choice out there. The Sixers started Jrue Holiday and Willie Green at the two guard spots yesterday against the Spurs. For some reason, Willie Green took 17 shots, and Jrue Holiday shows flashes, but looks lost a lot of times. Iverson could move right into a starting role on this team, and give the team and the fans a much needed shot of adrenaline.


T-Bone said...

Having attacked KC's original post calling for the return of AI, and then publicly repenting in the wake of the Sixers' continuing inducement of comas among viewers of that hapless franchise, I want to be the first in this forum to welcome AI with open arms. Under the circumstances of a badly underachieving Flyers team, a typically inconsistent Eagles squad heading for a rerun of a movie we've already seen too many times, the return of Iverson in a Sixers uniform is arguably the best Xmas present this town could have. Will it make a damn bit of difference to the team's season? Probably not. Will it help to "develop" the young players (a meaningless buzz word used by inferior franchises)? Probably not. Will AI, as a now experienced veteran, put team chemistry above personal achievements? Undoubtedly not. But who the hell should care? This team is going nowhere with an arcane offensive scheme that is loved by B-Ball theorists, but which has never achieved anything even in the real world of top NCAA competition, a clueless coach with a losing track record (and who, I'm sorry, still looks like a Down's Syndrome kid waiting for the short bus), and "young talent" who don't exactly represent the cream of the draft crop. I like Lou Williams, and maybe -- just maybe -- Jrue Holiday will amount to something, but the game-changing contributions of these two are a long way off. In the meantime we have utter crap. A one year contract for AI is just what the doctor needs to order for the long-suffering Philly fans. If nothing else, it will guarantee that excitement and energy return to the Wachovia Center -- and Philly sports is in bad need of those qualities. I'm ready to go GaGa for AI!!

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