Allen Iverson Returns

Allen Iverson is a 76er. It’s a great feeling, and gives some energy to a team that is flat out crappy right now. Iverson will make his debut next Monday at home against the Nuggets. This game will probably sell out, which is what the Sixers set out to do in the first place by bringing Iverson back. I don’t think this signing will have the Wachovia Center buzzing like 2001, nor will it make the Sixers a contender in the East, but it was still the right move, and a move that had to be made.

Whether you like Allen Iverson or not, one thing is for sure… he belongs in Philly. We have gone through the rollercoaster ride that is Allen Iverson’s life and career, and it is only fitting that he is back on the team to hopefully close out his amazing career. From scoring 49 in Game 1 of the NBA Finals and stepping over Tyronn Lue to throwing his wife out of the house naked.. allegedly, Iverson has provided me with probably the best memories of any Philadelphia player throughout his career. The Sixers drafted Iverson when I was 12 years old, so certainly I have good memories of players and teams before that, but I was just coming into my own as a sports fan, and Iverson provided some of the best memories for us fans, myself included. The 2001 season and playoff run was absolutely amazing.

Philadelphia for the most part loves Allen Iverson. I was present at the Sixers game against the Nuggets, when Iverson first came back as member of the opposing team. The 1 minute standing ovation was amazing, and well-deserved. Even most people who don’t like Iverson will agree that he belongs in Philly. He may not always be perfect, on the court or off, and may have his problems, but he is our problem, and we like having him around.

While I am gushing over Iverson, I figured I would also write about his infamous “practice” press conference, and how he was dead right in that press conference. The year was 2002. The Sixers were coming off a disappointing 1st round playoff loss to the Celtics that went all 5 games (It was best of 5 at that time). This was disappointing in itself losing in the first round as the year before the Sixers were in the NBA Finals. Iverson scored 20, 29, 42, 28, and then 31 points in the deciding Game 5, a game in which the Sixers got blown out, and the 2nd leading scorer had 12 points; a game in which Eric Snow was 2-12 from the floor. I understand Iverson controls the ball and takes most of the shots, but would you want anyone else? I can remember watching those games, and if the Sixers would have 2 straight possessions where Iverson didn’t touch the ball, even the Iverson haters would be calling for Iverson to start shooting. Would anyone rather have seen stone hands Mutombo throw another old school line drive towards the basket? Or Eric Snow take his mid-range jumper and clank it off the back rim? I’m not trying to hate on the rest of the team, but the fact is Iverson was really the only consistent threat on that team, and you wanted him to have the ball in his hands, whether you complained about it later or not.

Anyways, just a couple days after this game, Iverson is forced to hold a press conference to talk about his practice habits. We’re talkin’ bout practice… I know it’s a joke now, but it’s absolutely true. Why didn’t Eric Snow, or Mutombo, or Derrick Coleman have to hold press conference to talk about how horrible they are. Iverson had spent his whole career, and the previous series going all out, and trying to do everything he could to help the team win, and being the best player out on the floor, and instead of trying to figure out a way to surround him with more talent, he had to hold a press conference to talk about how he doesn’t practice enough. That is absolutely ridiculous, and was set up by the phony Larry Brown, and Iverson was 100% correct at his press conference. He didn’t ignore the point of the press conference; he even stated that he knows that is something he needs to work on, and he was not shoving that aside, but that it was ridiculous to discuss practice habits at a time like that… and he was correct.

So, whether you like him or not, Iverson is back for his 2nd tour of duty with the Sixers, and let’s hope he retires a Sixer this time. At the very least, let’s hope for Ed Stefanski’s sake that the Sixers can sell some tickets… we at Kotite’s Corner have got our “Guys Night Out” tickets, and will be there with a beer in one hand, and a cheerleader in the other.


T-Bone said...

All your points are well taken, well stated, and all I can say is "Amen!" Not to mention, it's hilarious listening to Eskin have a coronary over this...

rakeback said...

I still think Iverson has something in the tank. The real test will be how he reacts to reduced minutes and not being the focal point of the offense.

Mr. Green said...

Press conference is at 5:00 tomorrow on Comcast

C-Money said...
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C-Money said...

No one can dispute the fact that AI was a great player in Philly. One could argue that he is one of, if not the greatest, true "philly" player of any sport, of all time.

That being said, I don't think he will help this shit-pile of a team that Billy King put together. I like the direction that Stefanski is taking, but he has a multitude of gigantic contracts that were given to truly mediocre players. The signings of Igoudala, Brand, Dalembert, Willie Green, and Chris Webber turned out to be terrible decisions, wether due to the caliber of player, or amount of money given to that player.

Getting back to the original point, I am not as much of an Iverson lover as Mr. Green is, but I do agree that this signing will help fill thousands of vacant seats.

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