Eagles Lose Jamaal Jackson For Season

Jamaal Jackson's season is over after he tore his ACL yesterday on a routine passing play. Jackson was blocking his man, backpedaling, and his ACL tore. Jackson isn't the greatest center in the league, but he has been the one staple on the offensive line this season, and in years past. He is consistent, and he was the veteran leader on this offensive line. It is not very good timing to lose a leader like that going into the biggest game of the season.

Nick Cole will replace Jackson at center, and has filled in before, but has never started a game there before. I'm assuming a week of work will be fine, but the Eagles almost made a huge mistake yesterday when McNabb and Cole botched a snap, which almost caused a turnover or safety. Max Jean-Gilles will probably start at right guard now, taking Cole's starting spot there. If only we have one of the Andrew's brothers. Reid said that Stacy Andrews could get into the mix, but Andrews has been a healthy scratch for a while, as he has no push, and isn't very good anyways. Former Pitt Panther Mike McGlynn will probably suit up and back up at center and guard.