2009 College Football Playoff

It is time for the start of the much anticipated 2nd annual Kotite's Corner College Football Playoff. Since actual real life college football doesn't have a playoff, which again is a joke, we will do our own. It isn't too hard to figure out, as every other sport, including the sub-divisions of college football seem to be able to have a playoff.

The rules are simple. The 11 conference champions all were given at-large bids. This includes Alabama, Texas, Cincinnati, TCU, Boise State, Oregon, Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Central Michigan, East Carolina, and Troy. We then took the next 5 at-large teams according to the final BCS standings. These teams were Florida, Iowa, Virginia Tech, LSU, and Penn State. The 16 teams were then seeded, and a bracket was created. The first round games are to be played at the higher seeded teams’ home field. The 2nd round games would be played at the respective major bowls (Orange, Sugar, Rose, Fiesta), and the semi-final games would be played at two random neutral sites, which we chose as the new Cowboys stadium in Dallas, and Indianapolis, so there would be a game in the north in a dome. The National Championship game would be played as it will be this season in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Check out the opening 16 team bracket below, and stay tuned to see who is voted the winner--


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