Friday Football Picks

Willard – Overall Record: (28-19-1)
New Mexico State (+47.5) at Boise State
Vikings (-4) at Cardinals
49ers (PK) at Seahawks
Titans (+6.5) at Colts

Roget – Overall Record: (26-25)
Cincinnati (-2) at Pittsburgh
Alabama (+5.5) vs. Florida
Patriots (-4) at Dolphins
Eagles (-5.5) at Falcons

Jack Flack – Overall Record: (25-25-1)
Central Michigan (-13.5) vs. Ohio
Cincinnati (-2) at Pittsburgh
Georgia Tech (-1) vs. Clemson
Eagles (-5.5) at Falcons

Dr. G - Overall Record (24-24)
USC (-7) vs. Arizona
Chargers (-13) at Browns
Vikings (-4) at Cardinals
Saints (-9.5) at Redskins

C-Money – Overall Record (20-23-1)
Houston (-3) at East Carolina
USC (-7) vs. Arizona
Wisconsin (-12.5) at Hawaii
Eagles (-5.5) at Falcons

Mr. Green – Overall Record: (21-29-1)
USC (-7) vs. Arizona
Panthers (-6) vs. Buccaneers
Patriots (-4) at Dolphins
Broncos (-4.5) at Chiefs

Hollywood – Overall Record: (19-32)
Florida (-5.5) vs. Alabama
Rutgers (-1.5) vs. West Virginia
Chargers (-13) at Browns
Jaguars (PK) vs. Texans

Overall Winning Percentage
1. Willard (60%)
2. Roget (51%)
3. Jack Flack (50%)
3. Dr. G (50%)
5. C-Money (47%)
6. Mr. Green (42%)
7. Hollywood (37%)


Willard said...

Remember when Dr. G. thought he was going to catch me? How did that work out for him?

Dr. G said...

Hmm, I'm not aware the season is over yet Ratman. BTW, you haven't yet made an appointment for your examination. Just installed fresh blades on my roto-rooter in anticipation of your visit...

Kotite's Corner said...

Another bad week for our college picks: 4-9 record overall.

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