Eagles-Giants Preview

The Eagles travel up to New York, I mean New Jersey to play the Giants in what could be their final game at Giants stadium. The Giants and Jets are moving into a new billion dollar stadium next season. The Eagles have owned the Giants lately, winning the past 3 games, including a playoff game last season, and a 40-17 victory earlier this season at the Linc.

The Eagles have played well as of late, but I don't think as well as some people are making it out to be. A 4 point win at Chicago is good, but the Bears aren't very good, and if Cutler made any plays, the Eagles would have lost the game. A 3 point win at home against Washington is also good, but we had to come from behind to do so, and the Redskins are not a very good team either. The game last week was solid, but the Eagles were playing a depleted Falcons team that really was overmatched and had no chance. But, bottom line is the Eagles have taken care of business and won the past few games, which were must win games. The Eagles have to continue this current run against a Giants team that is really struggling, despite winning last weekend against the Cowboys.

The Giants come into this game losing 5 of 7 games, but did win last weekend. The Giants have not looked like the Giants teams of year's past recently, and the Eagles need to take advantage of that. The Eagles should be able to get receivers open all game, as the Giants secondary is banged up, and not playing very well. The return of DeSean Jackson should obviously also help in the passing game. However, being a night game in Giants stadium in December, the Eagles will need to establish some type of run game. The Eagles should try to run the ball early with McCoy and Weaver, and then go to the play action.

On defense, the Eagles really need to make sure the Giants don't get their rushing attack going. If Brandon Jacobs gets going and has a good game, the Eagles could very easily lose this game. The key to beating the Giants is stuff the rushing attack, and make Eli beat you. Eli has won big games in the past by himself, but more often than not, he will make mistakes if he does not benefit from a successful rushing attack. If the Eagles can get the Giants into 3rd and long plays, you know they will bring a heavy dose of pressure Eli's way.

I will say there seems to be a lot of optimism about this game locally, which makes me nervous. It's a division rivalry game on the road in December, with both teams needing the game for playoff positioning. If the Eagles execute their game plan, they should win the game. However, we have seen let-downs before in positions like this, and I could also see this being a frustrating game in which the Eagles offense never really gets clicking. Either way, Sunday night, playoff atmosphere - should be very enjoyable.

Jeremy Maclin is listed as questionable, as is Kevin Curtis for some reason. I really kind of figured with Maclin emerging as a good receiver, they should just shut down Curtis for the year. I have no problem with Curtis if he is used in the slot with Jackson and Maclin on the outside, but I do not want to see Kevin Curtis take his outside position again, and take time away from Jeremy Maclin, who is improving every weekend, and has much more skill than Curtis.