Philadelphia Phillies All-Decade Team

The Phillies all-decade team was not too hard to come up with to be honest, especially since the team has been solid most of the decade, especially recently, and has a team with great offensive players, and full of all-stars and MVP’s. Jim Thome deserves mention, but Howard still easily gets the nod at 1st base. Even though Scott Rolen is not much a Philly guy, we went with Rolen at 3rd base. The only other discussion we had was Victorino or University of Pennsylvania's own Doug Glanville in CF. We went with Victorino. Team MVP was a tough choice considered there are 2 actual league MVP’s on this team, and that doesn’t include Chase Utley. We went with Rollins for the MVP because he has been with the team since before we became one of the best in the league.

Here is our Philadelphia Phillies all-decade team--

1B- Ryan Howard
2B- Chase Utley
SS- Jimmy Rollins
3B- Scott Rolen
LF- Pat Burrell
CF- Shane Victorino
RF- Bobby Abreu
Catcher- Mike Lieberthal

Starter: Cole Hamels
Closer: Brad Lidge

1. Rollins
2. Abreu
3. Utley
4. Howard
5. Rolen
6. Burrell
7. Victorino
8. Lieberthal
9. Hamels

Manager: Charlie Manuel

MVP: Jimmy Rollins

Close Calls: Jim Thome, Doug Glanville


GM-Carson said...

Here's a full 25 man roster for a Phils all-decade team.

T-Bone said...

Philly Sports All-Decade Chump Team (includes anyone who pulled major income from Philly sports):

1. Pat Croce: Slimy, shameless self-promoter who confuses rapelling from B. Franklin Bridge for competency managing a sports franchise.

2. Howard Eskin: Self-explanatory (also Caucasian twin of #3).

3. Stephen A. Smith: African-American twin of #2.

4. Angelo Cataldi: Possible that no one whose income is even vaguely connected to sports has less knowledge, interest, or even instincts for athletic competition. This guy is literally a caricature of himself. And, by the way, the Wing Bowl is a tired, adolescent event that should have been put out to pasture years ago -- much like Cataldi and his Morning Show.

5. Ed Snider: Mr. 1970's should have retired to his mausoleum a decade ago. Monumental ego has directly contributed to retarding the development of 2 franchises through this decade. Kudos, though, for showing Croce the door!

6. Mitch Williams: Thankfully no longer yukking it up with Angelo & Co. on WIP, but if this guy had a shred of integrity, he'd have made himself as invisible as Eldrick Woods.

7. Terry Francona: Bum manager who falls into World Series championships with the Bosox strictly because of the rosters (and team salaries) he inherits. This is the guy who referred to his time with the Phils as "a mulligan."

8. Chris Weber: Broken down POS who literally stole money from Sixers' fans, while bitching about his minutes and how he was used.

9. Freddie Mitchell: Best thing about FredEx is his "ex" status; was also target of man-love by Eskin.

10. Shawn Andrews: Just go away, Shawn, and see how much scratch you can earn rapping full-time about Phelps.

Close Call: Jim Fregosi for managing by numbers and trotting out #6 above to face Carter, when all the freakin' world knew what would happen.

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