2009 College Football Playoff

The final four teams are set and we are ready to go with the games. Two good matchups square off with #1 Alabama facing off against #4 TCU, and #2 Texas playing #3 Cincinnati. The winners advance to play in the National Championship game in the Rose Bowl.

Mr. Green: TCU
Roget: TCU
Dr. G: TCU
Jack Flack: TCU
Willard: TCU
Hollywood: TCU
C-Money: Alabama


Mr. Green: Cincinnati
Roget: Texas
Dr. G: Cincinnati
Jack Flack: Cincinnati
Willard: Texas
Hollywood: Cincinnati
C-Money: Cincinnati


Upset alert - Both top seeds go down. This is huge. Neither game was close either. TCU wins in a landslide over Alabama, and Cincinnati wins in a landslide over Texas. This is why they play the games. Well, in real life, they actually don't, but if they did, something like this could happen. We will never know, and unfortantely for TCU and Cincinnati, they will not get a chance to play for the National Championship in real life. However, they will get to play for the 2009 Kotite's Corner National Championship.


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