Happy Halladays

Roy Halladay is in town right now, and the Phillies are said to be very close to a deal that would bring Roy Halladay to the Phillies. This is very good news when you first look at it, but it is also being reported that the Phillies will be giving up Cliff Lee.

The 3-team proposed trade involves the Phillies receiving Roy Halladay from the Toronto Blue Jays, and some money from the Blue Jays, and possibly a prospect or 2. The Phillies would be giving up Cliff Lee to the Seattle Mariners, along with possibly a prospect, which could be Michael Taylor, or even possibly Kyle Drabek. The Blue Jays will receive 3 prospects from the Mariners, and possibly other from the Mariners or Phillies. I am really hoping the Phillies don't give up Drabek as they were adamant that they not give him up for Halladay at the trade deadline.

I am assuming that Cliff Lee informed the Phillies that he would be testing the market after the 2010 season, and that the Phillies would not have enough to re-sign him. Also, this deal would probably assume that the Phillies have worked out a long-term deal with Roy Halladay before they trade for him.

Obviously Halladay is a beast, one of the top few pitchers in the league, but I am not sure this move improves the team. Cliff Lee was already one of the best pitchers in the league, and was absolutely dominant in the postseason a couple months ago. How quickly we forget Lee going behind the back against the Yankees, or making the cool and calm grab on the pop up. I'm not saying Lee is better than Halladay, but they are about similar in skill level in my opinion. With Halladay or Lee, and not having both, you still need to rely on Cole Hamels bouncing back and having a great season as the #2 starter, and you still basically don't have a 5th starter.

Again, I am not saying this would be a bad move, or I do not support it, I just don't know how much better it makes the team. Even if Halladay is a beast, you win Game 1 of a series, and then have to rely on Hamels playing better, and Blanton/Happ winning a Game 3 against elite teams who may have 3 all-star starting pitchers (Red Sox, Yankees). I may be asking too much considering the Phillies don't have the payroll of the Yankees, Red Sox, or Mets, but it would have been nice to give up the prospects for Halladay, and not give up Lee, and have Halladay and Lee for a season, and then at the end of the season let Lee walk. I still hope the Phillies didn't give up anybody in this deal in terms of prospects, but I really hope they did not give up Drabek.

We will continue to follow this story here at Kotite's Corner, and provide updates on anything further.