Philadelphia 76ers All-Decade Team

The 76ers all-decade team is not pretty to look at to be perfectly honest. I have to imagine it would be one of the worst all-decade teams in the league, especially because the Sixers are one of the worst teams in the league right now, and our all-decade team contains 4 players on the team currently. Besides the very beginning of the decade, the team has been very average. Even the team that went to the finals had a bunch of role players, and 1 big star. Also, the team that went to the finals, the players were not on the team for very long in this decade. Nevertheless, the early part of the decade, and the 2001 team that this city fell in love with is well represented on this team, especially in the backcourt.

It was tough to leave off a guy like George Lynch who was a great team player, but we decided to go with Andre Iguodala at the small forward position. Also, Derrick Coleman came very close to making the team at the starting power forward position, but we chose to go small and go with Thaddeus Young instead, even though his time with the team has been shorter. Samuel Dalembert basically makes the team since he has been the team’s starting center basically all-decade, not because he is actually good.

Here is our starting Philadelphia 76ers all-decade lineup--

PG: Eric Snow
SG: Allen Iverson
SF: Andre Iguodala
PF: Thaddeus Young
C: Samuel Dalembert

6th Man: Aaron McKie

Coach: Larry Brown

MVP: Allen Iverson

Close Calls: George Lynch, Derrick Coleman


T-Bone said...

My God -- how depressing!! Looking at the rosters position by position over the entire decade really highlights what a pitiful freakin' sorry excuse for a pro hoops team the Sixers have been, and continue to be. An All-Decade team that (I think corrrectly) includes Dalembert and gives "honorable mention" to Coleman!!! That really says it all about the athletic garbage that has filled Sixers' uniforms for so damn long! I do think, though, that one other player from the early part of the decade deserves recognition, though he unfortunately wasn't around too long: the inimitable Raja Bell (Ding Dong!)...

Kotite's Corner said...

If only the Sixers were smart enough to bring back Pat Croce in some form, we could start bringing some talent in.

T-Bone said...

When you do the All-Decade biggest Philly frauds, phonies, con men, and self-promoting snake oil salesmen, Croce can be brought back to accept the trophy for topping that list...

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