College Football Playoff

We are down to the final 8 teams of our 2009 college football playoff. Of the 8 teams, there is 2 SEC teams, 2 non-BCS teams, 1 ACC team, 1 Big 12 team, 1 Pac-10 team, and 1 Big East team. The only major conference not represented is the Big 10 (Big 11).

Mr. Green: Alabama
Roget: Alabama
Dr. G: Alabama
Jack Flack: Alabama
Willard: Alabama
Hollywood: Alabama
C-Money: Alabama


Mr. Green: TCU
Roget: Florida
Dr. G: TCU
Jack Flack: TCU
Willard: Florida
Hollywood: TCU
C-Money: Florida


Mr. Green: Oregon
Roget: Texas
Dr. G: Texas
Jack Flack: Texas
Willard: Texas
Hollywood: Oregon
C-Money: Oregon


Mr. Green: Cincinnati
Roget: Boise State
Dr. G: Cincinnati
Jack Flack: Cincinnati
Willard: Boise State
Hollywood: Boise State
C-Money: Cincinnati


The #1 overall seed Alabama cruises into the Final 4, and the other 3 games come right down to the wire. TCU edges defending National Champion Florida 4-3. Texas barely survives an upset big by Oregon and wins 4-3. Cincinnati, the Big East champion survives Boise State, and wins 4-3. The final 4 is now set. We have the SEC champion, the Big East champion, the Big 12 champion, and underdog TCU. These are the top 4 seeds in the tournament, so the seeding held up.