Lost tonight at 9 PM EST “Jughead”

Lost began their 5th season last week with a double episode. These are observations by the Kotite’s crew:

The first of two episodes showed Daniel Faraday in a dharma uniform assisting in the construction of the Orchid station. How is this possible?Does he not age like Richard? Or has he mastered the time travel aspect of the island and is back there for another reason, maybe to stop something from happening? The next item to discuss is why the others do not skip through time with the 815 crew, the Freighter crew and Juliet. This is confusing. Sawyer was banging on the door of the hatch for a while trying to get the Desmond in the past (who does not know him) to open up. Faraday instructed Sawyer and crew to go back to the beach since Desmond would never answer the door, since they did not know each other back then. The crew leaves for the beach and Faraday begins to knock on the door. Desmond answers the door and has no idea who Faraday is. Was Faraday lying to everyone, or was Faraday able to get Desmond to answer because Faraday and Desmond are each other’s constant? Faraday asked Desmond to go visit his mother in Oxford and that the rules do not apply to him. Desmond wakes up in the present with a new memory and tells Penelope that they have to go to Oxford.

It will also be interesting to see how Locke aka Bentham gets off the island while it is skipping. Also is he really dead, when Ben and Jack see him in the casket? Far out theory is the spider venom that paralyzed Nikki and Paulo in season 3 that lead them to be buried alive. Going back to Locke, he is really everything in this series. According to Richard and what we have seen so far, he needs to leave the island and die back in the states so that the Oceanic 6 can go back to the island.

Mrs. Hawkings has only appeared in Desmond flashback. Now with the ending of the second episode, it seems that Ben works for her. We have two theories about her. She also does not seem to age like Richard and Faraday. We believe she is related to one of them, probably one of their mothers. Since Desmond is going to Oxford to meet Faraday’s mom, we should know soon which one it is.


Anonymous said...

this posting is wack. Basically you raise all the questions all of us already had and you didn't answer any of them. Why wouldn't I just visit Lostpedia?

Amy said...

I can't wait to see what happens with tonight's episode..Is anyone familiar with Al Trautwig? He is a Knicks/Rangers commentator and ALSO A HUGE LOST FAN! - woohoo! Anyway, he started a weekly video blog where he shares some really put there, but interesting theories on the whole time travel concept and how he thinks that Miles is the son of Dr. Marvin Candle! watch him: http://blogs.msg.com/themonitor/2009/01/23/al-trautwigs-lost-thoughts-episode-1/

Amy said...

sorry guys!

Here's a direct link to Al Trautbig's Lost Blog: Lost