Review of Lost "Jughead"

is this a young Ms. Hawkings?

I really enjoyed last night’s episode; I think it proves that Ms. Hawkings is Faraday's mom. I am worried that with Desmond bringing Penny and Charlie (how awesome was that) to LA, there is a possibility that Ben will kill Penny. If that happens, I imagine that Desmond will be on Widmore’s side against Ben. I think with Desmond it kind of shows that even with his redemption he still reverts back to his original self. Desmond had opportunities to be with Penny before he crashed the boat on the island and his honor always got in the way. He finally found her again and feels he has to do this. Before it caused him to lose her, will it again?

Widmore was the star of this episode in terms of learning more about him. He funded Faraday’s research on time travel for ten years. Finding out Widmore was a Hostile was shocking to me. I love the idea. I think Richard had Widmore to be the next in line to be leader; he might have been for a few years, until Richard found Ben, possibly exiling Widmore (hence Widmore always saying it used to be my island). Also Ellie who held the gun to Faraday while he looked at the H-bomb, we think she is Mrs. Hawkings. It would make sense, because currently off the island, she’s about the same age as Widmore and Mrs. Hawkings knows a lot about the island, which makes me believe that she had to be there. It was cool when they tied in the loop of why Richard visited Locke when he was born. With the "you cannot change time" theory that Faraday has, that is why Locke picks the wrong item, because if he picked the right one, he would have left with Richard and would have never been on the plane. When Ben visits Widmore at the end of season 4 warning him he is going after Penny, Widmore has a bottle of scotch and says he has been sleeping next to it since the dreams started happening. Could these be new memories from the past (like Faraday and Desmond) that he is waking up with?


Hollywood said...

u guys are looking into it way too much...i still think its all a dream of vincent the dog. just kidding

seriously, i like the widmore theory that he was remembering things. what exactly was the deal with the Richard/Locke thing? You say if Locke picked the right thing he would have gone with Alpert. but if Locke meeting Alpert before Locke was born made Alpert go to Lockes house as a child, then didn't he technically changed the past? That would go against the common rules of time. If Locke from the future effected what Alpert did in 1956, then isnt that the future effecting the past?

Anonymous said...

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