Eagles-Patriots Recap

Just wanted to say a few things about the Eagles first preseason game last night, a 27-25 loss to the Patriots. LeSean McCoy is the real deal. Many people are finding this out now, and more and more people are really starting to like McCoy a lot, and talk about how good he looks now. Well I have had the privilege of already knowing this for years, watching basically every game Shady played at for the Pittsburgh Panthers. Kotite's Corner has been hyping McCoy since our inception. In fact one of our first posts was about how much of a beast McCoy was, and he was still at Pitt at this time. McCoy looked comfortable in the offense, ran the ball well, and caught a nice screen pass. Other than McCoy, I thought most of the first team offense did well. They moved the ball effectively for the most part. McNabb, besides a few poor throws played well. The receivers made plays for him.

The offensive line was not impressive in my opinion. Jason Peters was not good at all, and McNabb was under way too much pressure on a few plays. The offensive line run blocked well, and opened holes for McCoy, but really struggled in the pass blocking game. We know that most of the starting offensive line did not play, so hopefully it will only improve.

Despite the Eagles giving up a lot of points, the defense did not play poorly. The Patriots one touchdown came on a punt return, and another one was the result of a 40 yard pass interference call on Asante Samuel on Randy Moss. The defense can get better, but I am not concerned about how they looked.


T-Bone said...

Agree that the O-Line stunk up the Linc with regard to pass protection. Special teams, which you don't mention, were absolutely horrendous. Regarding the defense, though, we must have been watching different games. The D-Line pretty much sucked with the all-important pass rush -- pressure on Brady was virtually non-existent. While not terrible since they did okay against the run, I wasn't at all satisfied with the D-Line. The way things were going, if the first teams had played the whole game, I think the score would have been in the neighborhood of 34-13 -- not very impressive. Looks to me like just about every element of this team has a fair amount of work to do. Thank God for Shady -- he IS the man!!

Anonymous said...

McCoy is a beast