How Will Vick Be Used?

So the Eagles signed Michael Vick. Everyone wants to find out if he has changed, if he feels remorse, and what he will do going forward. While all of that is important, we are at the point where Vick is going to say all the right things no matter what, and we aren't going to get much information out of him in regard to that.

What I am interested in however is how the Eagles are going to use Vick on the field to help this team with a Super Bowl. Let's take a look at some of the possible ways the Eagles could use Vick.

The Eagles can use Vick as a quarterback. This seems to make the most sense, as Michael Vick actually is a quarterback, and has always been a quarterback. However, this actually doesn't make much sense to me. The Eagles quarterback is Donovan McNabb, whether certain McNabb haters want to admit that or not. Not only is McNabb a better quarterback than Vick on Vick's best day, but he was also given a large monetary raise this offseason. I don't think the Eagles would do that, and then bench McNabb for Vick the first time McNabb struggles. There is also no indication that Kevin Kolb isn't still the quarterback the Eagles see will take over for McNabb when McNabb is no longer an Eagle. Essentially, Vick could be one of the backup quarterbacks, and come in for a few plays to take some snaps, and shake things up. I don't feel like this really utilizes his talent however, and I don't think the Eagles signed Vick simply to sit on the bench as a backup quarterback all season.

I believe that Vick makes the most sense in the slot, or running the wildcat offense. Let's be honest - it's not really that hard to play wide receiver. You have to be fast, you have to be athletic. Vick is both. I feel like Vick could definitely be effective running some routes from the wide receiver position. You can also line Vick up as the quarterback in the wildcat offense. Vick can take off running, or he can pass the ball from this position. Basically, I feel like you can move Vick around in different areas of the offense, and he can help the team. Bottom line, if you get Michael Vick the ball in open space, he is dangerous. We haven't seen what he can do on the field in a while, but I would assume he is still fast, and athletic. Even though it is way too early to speculate how they will use Vick, I would guess that we will see Vick on the field for around 15 offensive plays a game.

Vick is about the take part in his first practice today, so as we see him practicing more and more, we should get a better idea of how the Eagles and Andy Reid plan on using Vick on offense.

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