Shawn Andrews to See Back Specialist

Shawn Andrews was not at practice today. He wasn't even in the area to discuss his injury as he did over the weekend... sort of. Andrews spoke to the media yesterday, and said that it is easy to people to criticize him without being in his shoes, and that he is content with where he is at.

Interesting. Well today, we learned that Shawn Andrews flew out to Los Angeles to meet with Dr. Robert Watkins, the doctor who performed back surgery on Andrews last year. What this means remains to be seen, but it is clearly not a good thing.

The banged up offensive line looked poor in the first preseason game. In my opinion, it is officially time to start worrying about the offensive line. The Eagles spent a lot of money to bring in guys to make sure that this unit remained one of the best in the NFL after losing Tra Thomas and John Runyan. Jason Peters can't stay on the field, Todd Herramans in out for the entire preseason, Shawn Andrews hasn't put on pads yet, and Stacy Andrews has a banged up knee, and seems to be in and out of practice each day.

If Shawn Andrews if out for an extended period of time, Stacy could slide back to right tackle, and Nick Cole, or Max Jean-Gilles could play guard. If Stacy remains at guard, Herramans, if he is healthy, could play left tackle, or Winston Justice, who got the start in the first preseason game, could as well. Who knows, maybe we will see John Runyan at some point.


T-Bone said...

Taking into account Andrews' recent history of emotional turmoil and questionable motivation, the continuing injuries to key players, the bizarre Michael Vick scenario, and the distinct possibility that Reid has completely lost his mind (as evidenced by the highly irrational Vick acquisition), I'm really concerned that the Birds are an accident waiting to happen this year. Hope I'm wrong, but this season could get real ugly in a hurry. Shady HAS to stay healthy, with contributions from Maclin, for this offense to have any chance. Not the best scenario when a season is basically placed on the shoulders of two rookies.

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