Eagles Should Use Vick a Lot Thursday

Mike Vick will make his Eagles debut this Thursday in the Eagles 3rd preseason game. According to Andy Reid, Vick will play and mix in along with the first team, which is supposed to play roughly the first three quarters.

The Eagles would be smart to use Vick in multiple situations. It is uncertain as to whether or not Vick will play in the 4th preseason game or not. He does need to get in the work, but the starters, and important players usually do not play in the 4th preseason game. I'm not sure if Vick falls into that category or not, so I have no clue whether he will be playing in the 4th preseason game. If he isn't, this game on Thursday will obviously be the only game action he sees before the regular season.

I think that the Eagles should use Vick with the 1st team as much as possible, in as many different situations. During the regular season, you want the opposing teams defensive coordinator to have to worry about Vick throughout the whole week when they are game planning for the Eagles offense. No matter how much you actually use Vick in the regular season, or where he lines up is irrelevant. You still want the opposing defensive coordinator to think that Vick is going to play, and spend time worrying about how they will stop Vick. No matter where Vick lines up, he is dangerous. You want to show this off in the preseason game. You want to show how quick and dangerous and athletic Vick still is. You want him to line up in the slot, out wide, in the backfield, at quarterback, in the shotgun, in the wildcat. If the Eagles show this on Thursday, the opposing teams during the regular season then have to prepare for Vick to be anywhere and everywhere on the field. And when you get Vick into the open field, he can be very dangerous.

The more time an opposing team worries about Vick, the less time they worry about the more important weapons who will be playing more - McNabb, Westbrook, Jackson, and McCoy. The Eagles should show Vick in multiple situations this Thursday, because even if they don't give him the ball, you still have to worry about where he will be at all times.


C-Money said...

I am currently watching the Eagles 3rd preseason game, and I just have to say one thing, why the hell is Marty Mornhinweg our offensive coordinator? He comes up with some of the worst plays I have ever seen. What is this guys track record anyway.... let's see.... he was the head coach of the Detroit Lions where he compiled a record of 5-27, he was a quarterback at the university of montana where he was a backup. He was also a backup during the inaugural Arenabowl season for the Denver Dynamite. His only claim to fame, or shame, was his "genius" decision after winning a coin toss as the Lions head coach, to kick the ball away to the Bears who drove down the field and kicked a field goal to win the game.

It seems to me this guy has sucked his whole life, so I ask again... WHY IS HE OUR ASSISTANT HEAD COACH/ OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR??????? I think his last name was originally Mormonweg, cause we all know Andy Reid loves his Mormons.

C-Money said...

By the way, one of the main reason I hate watching pre-season football- the announcers are completely TERRIBLE. It is agonizing listening to these guys. I loved Herm Edwards as a coach, but come on man.. You suck as an announcer.

T-Bone said...

"Mormonweg" -- pretty good, C-Money. Though I'm not sure you're on the money re: the play calling in this crappy game (yes, the Birds' 2nd & 3rd string for the second time finally pulled out a W, but that doesn't say much for the starters). You may be right, but this looked to me more like a typically one-dimensional Reid-called game -- particularly the completely asinine lateral pass to McCoy on first & goal at the one! Even if McNabb didn't (once again) toss it too high, this was a completely stupid call in that situation -- one with few potential benefits but many possible costs. If this, and the usual over-reliance on passing when the O-Line pass protection clearly stinks, was Mornhinweg's doing, then he absolutely deserves the vitriol. Just reminded me more of Reid's clueless hand...
One question: how the hell did Jason Peters make the Pro Bowl the last 2 years (though he didn't play in either due to "injuries")? This guy totally sucks and is liable to get McNabb killed!! The Bills must be laughing their asses off after snookering Reid to sign this bum (though they won't be laughing long once TO gets into full psycho form...).

And yes, the "Eagles Network" is worse than an elementary school production. All three announcers are a joke, including Hugh Douglas who's clearly out of his element. But the prize goes to the "head announcer" (don't know his name and don't care) who kept pronouncing the Jaguars as the Jag-Wires. This guy is the chief talking head and he doesn't know how to pronounce a common name?? Kind of goes along with the level of the Eagles organization as a whole right now -- they look like crap in every aspect.