Vick's Number & NFL Rules

We took the time the other day to go through some of the ways that the Eagles could use Vick. Well there are some additional issues to look at before we even know how Vick will be used. Michael Vick is listed as #7 on the Eagles roster, the number he has always been. According the NFL rules, a #7 on the roster can only be listed as a quarterback, punter, or kicker.

Okay, that's fine, Michael Vick will be listed as a quarterback, which is what he has always been. However, according to Andy Reid, both Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb are ahead of Vick on the quarterback depth chart. My first mistake might be believe anything that comes out of Reid's mouth, but if you do believe this, then Michael Vick is 3rd on the quarterback depth chart. This creates a problem with the NFL rules also. Each team needs to list their #1, #2, and #3 quarterback going into each week's game. If a team's listed #3 quarterback enters any game, the #1 and #2 quarterbacks can no longer play in that game.

So, if the Eagles plan on moving Vick around and using him in a variety of ways, which I would like to see them do, and which makes the most sense to me, then he would have to be listed as the #2 quarterback going into each game. I am fine with this, mostly because I want to see Vick in this offense a good amount this year, and moving around the formation, lining up at WR, RB, and QB, and in the wildcat. If you plan on using Vick this way though, Kolb will essentially not get any time this season, barring an injury to McNabb.

We are still very early into the Michael Vick tenure with the Eagles, so we will find out how this plays out as we go on.


Will said...

Not true, if the eagles activate 3 QBs, Vick can be third and will not have any restrictions. The issue is if the Eagles only want to activate 2 on game day and they designate Vick as the 3rd. Then if he comes in the other QBs can't. Still it'd be smarter to put Vick in as 2 and have Kolb be the designated 3rd QB just to save 1 extra active spot for someone else in case of injury.

T-Bone said...

I'm really at a total loss to understand the desire "to see Vick in this offense a good amount this year..." This is based on what, pray tell? His QB stats were nothing to write home about in his best years, and while he was able to freewheel it and take off when the O-Line broke down (or, more likely, when he couldn't find an open receiver since he had no clue how to read a defense), that's hardly the same as taking a handoff or pitch out as an RB. And exactly what from his playing days would indicate he has the slightest capacity to function successfully as WR? From what I remember of Vick's days with the Falcons, there's absolutely nothing that makes me the slightest bit interested in seeing him in our offense. Which, added to the other baggage, is what really makes his acquisition all the more bizarre to me.

St. T-Bone said...

Damn! After all his BS, looks like Favre has signed with the Vikings after all. Thought for sure Reid could make space for him on the Birds' QB merry-go-round. After all, they do have a history together and there must be something Favre could use redemption for. "Hallelujah, folks, just step this way into the Reid Revival Tent where all your sins can be absolved in the name of Jeffrie Lurie. Amen!"

C-Money said...

I agree with Mr. Green. I would love to see what the "genius" offensive coordinator has in store for Mr. Vick. I think T-Bone forgets that Mr. Vick carried that god-awful Falcons team to a NFC championship game (the only one that the Eagles could manage to win). I'm pretty sure it's not that hard to learn how to take a handoff or pitch for that matter. Vick could be our X-factor this year. His QB stats were not staggering, but they also weren't Kyle Orton bad. I think there are a few teams that would rather have Vick than their starting quarterback right now.