Thank You, Jamie Moyer

Instead of taking the time to rip Jamie Moyer, which I could do, or talk about how poorly he has been this season, which he has, I will instead extend a thank you to Jamie Moyer for his service these past 4 seasons. Moyer was just sent to the pen to make room for Pedro Martinez to make his first start as a Phillie. Moyer joined the team after the trade deadline in 2006. In both 2007, and 2008, Jamie Moyer pitched the NL East clinching game to get the Phillies into the playoffs. Moyer led the Phillies in wins last season, and had a 3.71 ERA. Also, even though he struggled in the playoffs last season, he did pitch well in Game 3 of the World Series, which turned out to be a very crucial game of the series. Moyer took the mound after the Phillies won the World Series, and he deserved it. He was born and raised in this area, and understands us Philadelphia fans. He is a likeable guy, who everyone wants to root for.

Moyer may have started his last game as a Phillie. It all depends on how Martinez and possibly Happ pitch down the stretch this season to see if Moyer can break back into the starting rotation. Also, Moyer is signed through 2010, so he very well could start next season in the starting rotation. Right now, I'm pretty sure I don't want to see Moyer make another start for the Phillies ever again. The Phillies need to do what is best for the team, and what is best to get back to the World Series this season, and their plans to do that do not include Jamie Moyer at this moment. Moyer has been bad, but instead of rip the guy, like I have been doing at my television every Moyer start recently, I figured I would celebrate what he has done here in Philadelphia, especially if he never makes a start again.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Two updates in one day. Where have you guys been?

Kotite's Corner said...

We're back Baby.

T-Bone said...

Completely agree with all sentiments expressed. I was very disappointed, however, in Moyer's public whining about coming out of the rotation, and particularly his comments about being "misled" by the Fightin's brass. As one of the most veteran pitchers in the MLB & a seemingly intelligent guy, he has to understand the circumstances behind this, and is frankly deluding himself if he really believes that the club somehow owes it to him to keep trotting him out there with his puff balls. Pride is a powerful emotion, and for athletes in particular seems to prompt many veterans on their last legs to deny what is obvious to everyone else. I really expected better from Moyer, and was confident he'd be able to put the good of the team above his wounded pride. Obviously not, which is a shame.