Big Least

The Big 6. You know, the 6 conferences that make up the BCS. There’s the SEC, BIG 12, Big 10, Pac-10 and ACC. And then there’s the Big East. The Big East still holds a key to a BCS game in January, but one has to start questioning whether they deserve it. The conference was supposed to fall apart after Miami and Virginia Tech bolted for the ACC. As the Canes and Hokies struggled to find footing in their new conference, the Big East stood tall. The 8 team conference routinely grabbed the national spotlight with the likes of Rutgers and South Florida. But one glance at the Big East these days, and one has to wonder if they’re even better than the MAC.

West Virginia began the year as the hands down favorite. And it only took two weeks before they fell from the National Title picture. A dismal performance against East Carolina was followed up by rocky mountain loss in Colorado. The precipitous fall seems only to have just begun. Where are you Rich Rodriguez?

Remember “Pandemonium in Piscataway”. Two years ago, coach Greg Schiano was the coach of year for restoring fight to the Scarlet Knights. Now, he’s trying to keep his winless team from fighting each other. That’s directed at you Mike Teel!

South Florida and UConn appear to be the best of the bunch. But consider this: The Bulls barely slipped past interstate rival Central Florida—a middle of the pack Conference USA foe—and UConn needed late heroics to escape both Temple and Baylor, two perennial bottom feeders of the FBS. Can you imagine how they’ll fare in a Bowl game against a real opponent like Oklahoma or Florida!?

There is good news for fans of the Big East. Basketball season is just around the corner.

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Andrew G. said...

First off, I would like to give props to the guest blooger on this article for the well-written article, by someone who clearly knows what they are talking about. However, slamming the Big "Least" is nothing new, and is very easy to do on the surface. If you want to talk about how bad the Big East is this season, which it is, I feel like you also need to mention that the Pac-10 is just as bad, and the ACC is worse. The same ACC that was supposed to be the all mighty football conference after they took Miami, Va Tech, and BC from the Big East. First off, letting Miami, Va Tech, and BC leave the Big East was done to improve the basketball conference. This has been a huge success, and no conference even comes close to the Big East. The Big East has broken the record for most teams in the tournament the last couple seasons, and will probably break their own record again this season. But I digress - because we did lose those teams, it will take multiple years for Big East football to get back to where it was. The Big East is currently looking to add 2 more teams, possibly East Carolina, Central Florida, Memphis. I love hearing about how the Big East should have their BCS game taken away, that's funny cause West Virginia has smoked the SEC champ (Georgia) and Big 12 champ (Oklahoma) respectively in their past 2 BCS games. Every year we hear about how West Virginia can beat up on the Big East but won't be able to handle their opponent in a BCS game, yet they make the other conference champs look like they don't even belong on the field. With teams like West Virginia, South Florida, and Louisville, and other programs like Pittsburgh and Syracuse, I would bet the teams in the Big East will be turning it around soon. Anytime you lose the 3 teams the Big East did a few years ago, it will take years to recover, which the Big East is working towards doing. What excuse do the other major conferences have?