Start Lito?

We all know what has transpired this off season. The Eagles sign the top defensive free-agent Asante Samuel. In doing so, the Eagles pissed off their best, but often injured corner back, Lito Sheppard. I believe Lito has handled this whole situation well, even when owner Jeff Lurie brought up the random stat of YPA (yards per attempt). Lito hired Drew "next question" Rosenhaus, and as a Eagles fan I was sure he would not be on this team for the beginning of the season. Sure enough he is and we are the deepest team in the league at corner, with Lito coming off the bench. Before I make the claim I am about to make, I would like all the readers to know, I am a huge Sheldon Brown fan. Lito Sheppard should start Monday night and line-up against Terrell Owens. Lito has always matched up well against TO. I compare this to the time we had Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor as our starting corners. Troy Vincent was the better corner, but for some reason Bobby Taylor had Michael Irvin's number so they would always match up. Samuel and Brown should be our starting cornerbacks every game except the two times we play Dallas, then our starters should be Sheppard and Samuel.

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