Sun Shines On Thursday Nights

With the television landscape full of crap like “Opportunity Knocks”, “Big Bang Theory”, 4 hours of “CSI” and what seems like 7 different “Law & Order” varieties, there’s one show that must be seen.

You’ll have to flip over to cable to see it, but it’s worth the ride. Every Thursday night, a rag-tag bunch of losers-and I call them losers in the nicest sense-hang around their empty bar and stir up trouble. “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is the funniest show that nobody is watching.

It’s a show that doesn’t follow the standard sit-com format. You know, fat guy and hot wife bicker for twenty eight minutes before coming to an understanding right before the credits roll. No, this show dares to live on the edge, and in doing so, dares to actually be funny. The improve style banter is so funny that it needs to be watched twice.

Take this song from last season:
“Day Man / Fighter of the Night Man / Champion of the sun / You’re a master of karate and friendship for everyone”.

The lyrics may not make much sense at first glance, but take into consideration that one of the composers was hopped up on paint fumes.

So do us all a favor and swap from your been-there-done-that episode of “ER” and spend an hour over at FX watching the funniest show on television.

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