TV Takes

Weekend’s this time a year are wall to wall sports. From the college circuit to the pros, from the diamond to the golf course, there’s always something on. Here’s a quick re-cap.

THUMBS UP to Anthony Kim. The young American golfer actually made the Ryder Cup fun. With Tiger Woods still nursing a knee injury, Kim gave the gentleman’s game a much needed shot of adrenaline. From dominating his European counterparts to pumping up the crowd, Kim was surely enjoying himself. And thankfully, so were viewers.

THUMBS DOWN to the Emmy Awards. The annual gathering of TV’s best felt long, forced and awkward. Whoever came up with the idea of using 5 hosts is probably still nursing a hangover. Even the likeable Jeff Probst and Tom Bergeron couldn’t keep the ship afloat. The only highlight goes to Josh Groban whose trip down theme song memory lane was a delight.


Andrew G. said...

Great Ryder Cup, one of the best I've seen in a while, and not just cause the U.S. finally won. This is stupid to say, but date I say the U.S. players seemed and played looser and more relaxed than they would have if Tiger Woods were on the team.

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