Eagles Fall in Chicago

The Eagles came out flat in their game against the Chicago Bears, and drop to 2-2 on the season. Here are some "Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down" grades on how the Eagles played in their disappointing loss.

Andy Reid (Thumbs Down) - Andy Reid continues to come up small in big spots. He's not a good play-caller, he can't manage the clock, he doesn't challenge plays, and he doesn't make halftime adjustments. There were a couple plays that Reid should have challenged which may have turned the game around. Also, to not do a QB sneak from the one-yard line is ridiculous, and try to throw us some lame excuse about McNabb not being healthy enough to QB sneak, Funny how McNabb is apparently healthy enough for Reid to call 500 passes a game. Two short 4th downs in Chicago territory, and Reid runs out David Akers to miss 2 long field goals. Speaking of David Akers......

David Akers (2 Thumbs Down) - Akers gets 2 thumbs down for his 2 missed field goals. Half of the blame goes to Reid for kicking long field goals in a night game at Chicago, but let's be honest; Akers hasn't been in top of his game since around 2005-2006, and his best days appear to be behind him.

Offensive Line (Thumbs Down) - Had a couple false start penalties, and seemed confused when Chicago brought pressure from their linebackers. McNabb was sacked 3 times, and pressured numerous others.

DeSean Jackson (Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down) - Looked great at times, and looked like a rookie on others. Finally scored his first touchdown of the season on a great play down the middle in the back of the end zone. Unfortunately, also dropped a few passes, and fumbled a costly punt return deep in the Eagles territory.

Tight Ends (Thumbs Down) - L.J. Smith sat out, which wouldn't have mattered anyways, since he is a bum, but Matt Schoebel, and Brent Celek didn't do too much. The most memorable play from the tight ends came when Schoebel blocked no one on the 4th and goal play, and let the defensive end come right in and make the stop on Buckhalter.

Turnover Ratio (Thumbs Up) - The Eagles won the turnover battle (again), and with the defense flying around creating turnovers, it looks like the Eagles should win most of their turnover battles this season, which will be a good thing in the long run.

Points Off Turnovers (Thumbs Down) - 6 points off of 4 Chicago turnovers is embarrassing. The defense was constantly put back out on the field, especially in the 2nd half, and came up with turnover after turnover. The offense just couldn't turn them into points.

Rory Segrest (Thumbs Down) - This is for one simple reason. The Eagles defense was shutting down the Chicago offense, and the Eagles had just kicked a field goal to make it 21-20. Segrest, the special teams coach, orders a short kick from Akers, which comes down at the 30, and the Bears run it to the 40. Only 2 first downs later, and the Bears are already in field goal range, and kick a field goal to make it 24-20. I understand the Bears have Devin Hester, but you can't play a game scared, and instead of being a girl and ordering a short kick, you should be firing your special teams unit up to actually go down field and make a freakin tackle.

Eagles Defensive Front 7 (Thumbs Up) - Probably the biggest thumbs up of the game goes to the Eagles defensive line, and linebackers. Just like Pittsburgh, the Eagles front 7 was in the backfield constantly. They never let Forte get going on the run, and they were constantly pressuring Orton. After a shaky first half, Jim Johnson make the necessary adjustments, and the defense played great in the 2nd half. Omar Gaither seemed like he was in the Bears backfield on almost every play. Same goes for Stewart Bradley. After getting burned for an early touchdown, Chris Gocong showed what he does best rushing the passer, and had a sack. Up front, Bunkley and Patterson did a great job stuffing the middle on run plays. Juqua Parker and Trent Cole were beating the offensive line around the edges, and each ended up with a sack a piece. The Eagles front 7 was the only reason the Eagles stayed close in this game in the 2nd half.

Asante Samuel (Thumbs Down) - Didn't play horribly, but unfortunately, when you signed as big a contract as he did, and you play on a team that is supposed to have a great secondary, you can't get burned on a touchdown pass, which Samuel did late in the first half. Samuel seemed to have good position on the play, but Hester simply ran by him, and Samuel stumbled slightly, and couldn't recover.

All in all, you can see more thumbs down than thumbs up, which is why the Eagles came out on the short end of a 24-20 decision. Bottom line, you just can't lose games like this when you have to play the Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins 6 times this year.

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