Eagles fall in Tough Defeat at Dallas

Well this game had a little bit of everything, and unfortunately, the Eagles came out on the short end of this game. The Eagles lost a heartbreaker in Dallas to the Cowgirls 41-37. The Eagles played well, but also made plenty of mistakes. The Cowboys have multiple weapons on offense, and when one of them isn't playing well, the others usually are. On this night, the Eagles had a hard time containing Jason Witten, and keeping T.O. out of the end zone. Sean Considine jumped a route and T.O. ran right past him for a long TD. They said there was a communication issue on that play. The only communication issue I saw was someone telling Considine to go into the game. Dawkins was burned by T.O. on his 2nd TD, Bradley was burned by Barber on a receiving TD, both on single coverage. Dawkins, it pains me to say, was a step slow all night. The defense did do a good job against the run, but couldn't get any sacks on Romo. There were some pressures, but when the Eagles only rushed their front 4, Romo had all day. All of those mistakes aside, the Eagles had a 3 point lead with 9 minutes left at midfield, 1st and 10, and a botched handoff gave the Cowboys the ball to go down the field and take the lead for good.

Overall, this was definitely a disappointing game, but there was some stuff to build on. McNabb looked good, and DeSean Jackson, who still has 0 career TD's, looked good. Either way, the Eagles look like one of the elite teams in the NFC, and probably the entire NFL. It doesn't get any easier, the Eagles (1-1) come back with a short week to play the Steelers (2-0) at Lincoln Financial Field.

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