Let's Get Ready for Monday Night

Tony Simpson, I mean Romo led the Cowboys to a convincing victory at Cleveland, while the Eagles destroyed the hapless St. Louis Rams last week. The offensive and defensive lines will be the key to this game and it is imperative that both offensive lines give their QB time to throw the ball. Also how the QBs react when they are pushed out of the pocket will be a key to victory. The Eagles need to mix the run and pass well, and use a lot of screen passes when the Cowboys (Ware) rush the passer. The Cowboys throw the ball very effectively no matter what, if we can keep that even to their average, we need to shut down the rush game, and control the line and the clock. Eagles need to put pressure on Romo, he has shown that if you put pressure on him, he starts to play poorly and get flustered. Trent Cole should provide much needed pressure and Jim Johnson should blitz the young LBs to knock over Romo. Covering Jason Witten, with a combination of Omar Gaither, and a safety will be key to the Eagles stopping the Cowboys potent offense. The Eagles on the other hard, should try to get Westbrook out into space and create some big plays.

Either way, it should be a good game. And after the Eagles victory, in honor of DeSean Jackson abusing Pacman Jones up and down the field, Kotite's Corner will be going to the Philadelphia strip clubs to make it rain in honor of the player Pacman used to be before the Eagles came to Dallas. We would just like to make in known that any local Cowboys fans in the Philadelphia region are clear front-running idiots, and should leave our blue-collar, hard working town as soon as possible, for the swamp that is known as Dallas.

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