Jackson vs. Jackson - Advantage: DeSean

The Philadelphia Eagles opened the season with a 38-3 win over the hapless St. Louis Rams. Even though the Rams looked like an average college team, the Eagles took care of business, and a lot of players showed us something. DeSean Jackson led the Eagles with 6 receptions for 106 yards. The Eagles had 3 receivers with 100+ receiving yards, while missing their #1 and 2 options, in Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown. Donovan McNabb looked very sharp, was given time to throw, and executed the game plan. Brian Westbrook did what he always does, and was very dangerous in the open field. Not only contributing to the offensive side of the ball, DeSean Jackson showed a new element on this Eagles team, and almost returned a couple punts for touchdowns. Jackson looks like he has the potential to be the next best small weapon in the game. L.J. Smith got in on the action with a touchdown, and should help in the red zone this season. Westbrook scored 2 touchdowns, and Tony Hunt, and Hank Baskett each added one.

The defense had 4 sacks, and seemed to be all over the ball on runs and passes. Stewart Bradley and Quintin Mikell most notably seemed to be in on almost every play. The secondary looked very good, almost had numerous interceptions, and Sheldon Brown setting the tone by knocking Steven Jackson's helmet off going up the seam. Torry Holt's name was hardly mentioned, which is a credit to the secondary, and most notably Samuel.

Overall, you have to love what you saw in Game 1, great way to start off the season. The Eagles (1-0) will face a much tougher text next week at Dallas (1-0).


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