Flyers Shuffle Lines

In an attempt to get more offensive firepower, and to get Briere not only back in the lineup, but back to being the productive player that he can be, coach John Stevens has shuffled the top 3 lines for the Flyers.

The top three lines now see Jeff Carter centering Danny Briere and Scott Hartnell on one line. The 2nd line features Claude Giroux centering Simon Gagne and Mike Knuble, with the 3rd line being Richards centering Daniel Carcillo and Joffrey Lupul. If Briere can get back to finding his game coming off of the multiple injuries, he should be able to with Carter and Hartnell, both of whom have had great seasons so far. All three of these lines are very good, and the Flyers should continue to score lots of goals. If Stevens can find any line combination that starts to click, it will be nice going into the postseason. It is especially important to get Briere going, as Briere had a great postseason last season, and the Flyers will need his productivity again this postseason.

The Flyers currently sit in a tie for 4th place in the conference with the Penguins with 84 points.

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